Thursday, March 5, 2020

Chit Chat

Every week is such a cluster these days.  I'm super busy with work.  So is Kevin and that's creating a bit of chaos right now.  But that ebbs and flows depending on both of our workloads at that exact moment.  Hoping for a little slow down on my end but that probably won't be happening in the next month.

Corona virus - so far, no travel restrictions in our company.  Anyone else?  Call us preppers but we always have a bunch of food, too much toilet paper and lots of paper towels.  I don't think it'll come to being quarantined but who knows.

Molly Anne is starting swim lessons again this week.  She's had lessons multiple times before (including a lot last year) but none of the group lessons really work for her.  I need her to be able to SWIM this year.  So I signed her up for private lessons that are very expensive but I think they'll be very effective for her.  This should get her to swim team in May and I've heard soooo many great things about swim team.  It'll be a sacrifice (and crazy schedule) to make it happen for her but I'm determined for her to have that experience and practice. 

See above where I talk about her needing to be able to SWIM this year.  Yes, I'll have 2 year old Grady at the pool with me this year.  He will be a full time job.  Boy is crazy with zero fear!  I remember the same summer when Molly Anne was 2 but I only had her so it was fine.  This time, yep all eyes will be on deck!    

Doing some summer planning.  Kevin won a trip we are going on so trying to figure that out with the kids.  Trying to figure out what we are doing in August when their daycare wraps up the year but Kindergarten hasn't started yet.  All of the things. 

Daylight savings time is this weekend so I'm thrilled about another hour of light at night!  

Booked a photographer to take some pictures of the four of us in a few weeks.  Need to figure out outfits for that. 

Chat soon!

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