Monday, March 9, 2020

Daddy Daughter Dance

Saturday was a big day in our house!  Well, it started super early with a vet appointment for Mills to get some vaccines and check on a couple of things.  

Then I took the kids to Home Depot for the kids workshop they do the first Saturday of every month.  This month's was canceled because of the coronavirus but I knew we could just pick up the kit and do it at home so that's what we did.  We also had to get some painters tape and they had fun roaming around.  I love a little girl in a Lilly dress hammering some wood!  She made some awesome binoculars and had the best time.  She did so well screwing the screws in and hammering the nails!  

This buddy boy loved watching her.  

When we put Grady down for his nap, Molly Anne and I went for manis and pedis to get ready for the Daddy Daughter dance!  She loved it!  

Grady slept from 12-4:15 on Saturday so I had about an hour after Molly Anne's and my adventures to scoot out to the Weddington Methodist consignment sale as it ended.  I scored these TBBC shorts for $10 but that was all I found.  I did get to see an old college friend that I hadn't seen in too long so we got to catch up while I stood in line.  

They got all ready for their big dance.  Molly Anne's favorite day of the year!  Corsage first!  She requested to have her hair curled then put half up half down! 


Pretty girl. 

Love this picture!

Grady in all of his glory. 

The girls next door!


Walking back home to get in the car and go!  She was sooooooo excited!

Hilary came over and we had a charcuterie board I made.  Grady went to bed and we caught up while her house was empty and my house was much quieter than usual.  

The crew came home about 8:30pm and we got the girls in bed then hung out more.  Some other neighborhood friends joined.  We all stayed up way too late and with the time change, that didn't work out too well ha!

Yesterday we were in pajamas and played for hours in the playroom.  Grady took another super long nap while Molly Anne slept too and then we played out front for awhile last night.  It was so nice out.  Some neighbors came by and we had a good time.  

Back to the grind today!  

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