Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Favorite Athletic Clothes

Some friends were talking the other day about getting some new workout clothes so I decided it’d be a fun post to show you all my favorites! Two sections - one for cycling/running and one for the days when I’m not at work or need to be presentable. 

For cycling and running:
I’m very particular about these outfits and I’ll tell you why. I want cool, comfortable and sweat wicking!

Outfit 1-
Sports Bra (similar) $20
Tank (new version is out) 
The ole trusty Adidas climalite cropped leggings that I can’t find online anymore!

Outfit 2 -
Same sports bra as above
Tank - coolest (temperature wise) tank I own, size down
Pants - these are some amazon pants that I honestly don’t love so I’m not going to link. I love my adidas the best out of any I’ve tried! 
Headband - Sweaty Bands 

I had just gotten off my bike in this pic haha!  Red face!

Around town -
Same tops as above. I love Zella long sleeve shirts when Nordstrom has good ones. You have to snag those when you find them. This one is cute. 

Leggings - these are my favorite in long length and 7/8 length. They’re great for running around town but too hot to workout in for me!

Shorts - I’ve been on the hunt for shorts that weren’t showing my toosh in the back (why are they all so short?!!) and these 4” ones are fabulous.  I must say, the white is pretty cool. I’d like to get blue for this summer. 

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  1. Such a fun post! I love those 4" tracker shorts - they are my go to for the summer!