Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  

Anyone need any class party items?  I have all of this and green tablecloths for both classes. Won’t be using any of it anytime soon!  

All of the corona virus stuff has gone to a new level. We will do our part of staying home. Daycare is closed. My office is still operating but all from home. Work goes on. Yes, it’s a circus especially with Grady but what choice do I have?!  It’ll be fine. 

I wasn’t about to have “school” and a new schedule here every day. My kids are in preschool, they aren’t going to college tomorrow, so a couple of weeks aren’t going to hurt them so why kill myself over it?  They (mainly Molly Anne) get hit pretty hard at school daily and year round so I think a couple week break from it all is healthy. Don’t get me wrong - they aren’t watching TV all day. They don’t like doing that anyway. But we don’t have set time for things other than lunch, nap and dinner but that’s our typical weekend day anyway.  And I’m just squeezing work in when I can. Mainly when Grady naps and Molly Anne spends three hours in the LEGO room by herself.  Everybody has to do what works under their roof so I totally get the set schedule thing too. 

A mom from Molly Anne’s class last year had their teacher send some worksheets that they were going to do this week in class at school so I did print those out because Molly Anne was super excited to do them. So these nine sheets lasted about 15 minutes. Ha!  Email me if you’d like me to send to you!  anniesadventures16@gmail.com. There are a couple others for tomorrow and coloring sheets.  Good 4 year old stuff. 

Molly Anne popped this Melissa and Doug sheet out. On the other side is regular writing which she usually does but I guess she wanted to do the cursive randomly. 

We went for a walk to the neighborhood playground yesterday afternoon. No one was there and then about 30 high schoolers came. So they’re doing a lot of “social distancing!” Ha!  When they all got there Grady was over playing in the sand by himself.  They all looked at him and he looked back. It was funny. Then I went and rescued him!  

So that’s what we are doing over here. Holding down the fort!  I honestly never mind being home for long periods of time. It really doesn’t bother me as long as we can get outside to play. My tough part is work but everyone is super kind and accommodating as best they can be.  We are all in it together. It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds. 


  1. Girl- you have the BEST attitude about not being super regimented with “schooling” your kiddos while they are home. I would LOVE to have all preschool age kiddos right now... As all of my kiddos (Minus Marshall) Will be doing remote learning and basically doing school online with assignments, required classes they have to watch online, who else knows what…ha!
    I am thankful our school is being so proactive and doing everything they can to ensure that learning will go on… But I am going to need a couple extra cups of coffee to manage for kids learning online!🤪🤪
    I know you have so much to manage being a full time working mom...you are a rockstar!🌟

  2. Our school has spring break this week and next so we were already planning to be home which was nice to not have that shock dumped on us! I'm not sure what approach we will take to schooling after that, Sydney is in kindergarten and she does do well with structure but at the same time I do need to work! My husband is still going into the office, so I don't know who will be running the home school curriculum. Crazy times!!