Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Kevin’s Birthday

Kevin’s birthday was yesterday and we had fun celebrating despite having to work!  Bright and early Molly Anne could hardly contain herself and had to give Kevin all of his presents from us and my parents! Of course she opened every one!  It was so cute. 

She had picked out balloons and plates at Target so we used those to amp up the celebration! ;)  

Young man loved playing with them before school. 

I grabbed Midwood Smokehouse at lunch and took it back to my office fridge. It was the only way I could figure out how to get his favorite dinner to him without loading and unloading kids to go in and get take out during 5pm rush hour. It ended up that Kevin picked them up early and I had a work call to be on so it worked out. We got some time outside to play after work and before dinner so that was good.  

Also, Grady learned about the camera on my phone this week and understands what I’m doing when I take his pic. So now he runs to me after a picture so he can see it! 

Cutting that sidewalk ha. Boyfriend needs a haircut but I gotta get ready for that workout!  

She’s been working on her balance bike in preparation for taking off her training wheels on her regular bike. She is learning all about balance this week so I’m hoping it’ll be an easy transition soon and very soon! 

Randomly twinning in our colors. Didn’t know it until we were out there!

Blowing out a candle for his big day!  Molly Anne and I made cupcakes on Sunday morning. Funfetti and chocolate frosting because they’re “Daddy’s favorite!” Kinda, not really, but they made his little girl happy so they made him happy! 

Grady was sooooo excited about the cupcakes. He reached for them on the counter all day Sunday and Monday, yelling, “cup- caaaaa!”  We weren’t mean and he had one each day, don’t you worry!  

We hope and think Kevin enjoyed his special day!  


  1. So sweet! It sounds like Kevin had a wonderful day and that you three made it really special!