Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Some Random Things

1.  I've been trying to up my game for things for the kids to do when we go out for dinner.  I got the idea for these Globbles from Annie at Home of Malones.  They're these sticky balls that "stick, squish and stretch."  They're super fun and Grady likes them too.  He didn't try to put them in his mouth even though these say for ages 4+.  You can get them at Amazon here or Target here
Crayola 3ct Globbles, Fidget Toy for Kids - image 2 of 5

2.  I went through a terrible stage around Christmas and early January where I wasn't going to bed until midnight every night.  If you know me, I'm usually an early bird going to bed...usually around 9pm.  Now, pre-kids and pre-working life, I was a night owl.  In college I watched David Letterman then went to bed.  But since I've started my adulthood (ha!) I go to bed early and get up early so this little stage back in January was majorly screwing with me.  I'm now trying to get back to my 9/10pm falling asleep time and it's much better!  I need sleep or I get sick and not nice. 

3.  Does anyone else have Pottery Barn Kids washcloths?  I have had the worst luck with them getting mold/mildew all over them. It’s gross and I throw them away instantly. I won’t buy them anymore.   Just didn’t know if anyone else has the same issue. Target and Lands End are way better! 

4.  I did a bootcamp this morning at 5:30 with a guy that trains some panthers guys. I may have talked about doing it in December too. I probably won’t be able to pick up Grady for a few days but it’s so so good.  Something different from the ole peloton. I try to go when I can.

5.  Who is busy with valentines festivities?!  I have both kids parties tomorrow then another little something for Molly Anne’s class on Friday. I’d like to do something fun for the kids for breakfast Friday morning. Maybe I’ll do donuts or something special like that.   Also, made these for the teachers. Starbucks gift card and Burts Bees Strawberry chapstick!  Just a little something!  Got the tags at Target. Done. 

6.  Picked up some books for the kids yesterday with a Barnes and Noble gift card that my Aunt gave them for Christmas. Working on sight words with Molly Anne. She wants to read so badly!  Right now I think her reading is from memorization. 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. You may already be familiar with them - but I swear by the BOB book sets to help with beginning reading!!! (reading specialist by trade :)

  2. Spot It is our go to for out to dinner with the grand kids. Not for Grady right now but Molly Anne would love it. Look on Amazon there are lots of choices.