Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Our Monday

Monday was President’s Day so their school was closed and my office was open. Always!  These bank holidays (as we call them in Charlotte) are so nice for most of this town but some of us have to work!  Ha! I’m so fortunate I can wing it most of the time and move stuff around to their nap time or someone will cover for me.  I have been known to drive around in circles around town so I can do a conference call in silence with both kids entertained in the back!

Anyway, we had kind of been at home most of the weekend so Monday I wanted to do something in the morning before Grady's 12pm nap time.  I decided to avoid all of the germy places this time of year and we drove out to the John Deere dealer to let Grady run around and look at the tractors!  His favorite thing these days!  Come to find out, Molly Anne likes tractors a lot too!  

Here is he ready to roll in his John Deere hat and a shirt that Christine made for him!  

First we went inside their shop and both kids acted like they had never been in public in their entire life... so I had words with Molly Anne, we bought a couple of toy tractors, asked them if we could sit on the tractors outside (yes) and got on out of there and into the yard!

She had the best time!  I told her she'll make a good wife one day being so well rounded!!

I love this picture of Grady.  And I have a video from almost this exact moment.  He is squealing with delight!  


We stopped by Nana's work and got to visit with her!  

Then we stopped by the fire station and voted early!  It was a dual purpose for me - show the children that it's good to vote and they got to see a fire truck up close and personal!  Surprisingly Grady was scared of it...he has been so into firetruck books and doing the siren sound but then got scared at the real thing.  It is pretty big so who knows.  He would have warmed up I'm sure but we had to scoot on.  

We ran to Chick Fil A to pick up lunch, then through the Teeter Express Lane to pick up groceries then home for lunch and nap.  Molly Anne and I did some work - she did legos and I did work work.  

After nap, we walked/scooted up to the neighborhood playground so they could play.  Grady had a BALL.  I remember when it got easier with Molly Anne at this playground and that has officially happened with Grady.  Last time we were there I had to go up on the equipment with him.  This time, he knows where he can go and not go (well, mostly).  I keep a close watch on him of course.  And he only wanted to go down the super tall and fast slide this time, not surprised!  

We came inside about 5:30 for dinner and called it a night shortly after!  A fun day for sure.  Helps that it was 65 and sunny on February 17th!  

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