Monday, February 17, 2020

Valentine’s Day

We had a nice little Valentine’s Day and hope you did too!  It was Friday so we were jetting off to school and work. We were a little later than usual but it was fine!

Kevin had gotten Molly Anne and I roses and she a unicorn balloon and other treats!  We got the kids each a lego set. Molly Anne did about 95% of hers by herself this past weekend and I am so proud of her. I only had to help her a couple of times. And yes she already finished it.  Crazy girlie.  Grady loves his duplo trucks and diggers!  They’re the cutest!

Molly Anne flipped over getting money for her piggy bank from my parents!  Grady put his in his piggy bank too but I don’t think he understands it as much quite yet. He will soon enough!

We always exchange golden retriever cards in this family!

After work we went next door and had a family valentines!  Look at Hilary’s spread. Impressive!  She also did chocolate fondue and had pretzels, marshmallows, graham crackers and strawberries to dip!  Delish!

The girls had a blast!

Loved the marshmallows!

Happy buddy boy!

I’ll recap the rest of the weekend tomorrow!  Today is President's Day so the kid's school is closed but I still have to work.  Winging it.  Started off with a boot camp so I'll probably be a little nicer than usual today haha.  Anyone else?! I think we are going to go on an outing this morning.  I thought about Discovery Place but this time of year I like to go to where germs aren't as prevalent.  Yes, call me crazy.  Anyway, we are heading to the local John Deere store and Grady is going to love it!  

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  1. That fondue platter looks to die for! Valentine's Day at this age is really just the best!