Friday, January 31, 2020

Random Five on Friday

1.  Every day when my Mom was here during Christmas, she fixed Grady and Molly Anne's beds.  Straightened them up/made them.  So now when I work from home or on the weekends, I'm trying to do that.  (Let's be honest, it ain't happening on regular work days when I'm running around like a lunatic every morning).  Molly Anne always pulls her own covers up but she likes when I mess with her blankets or arrange her animals in a new way.  It's the little things!

2.  Our stackable washer smelled terrible last week. I searched our local moms group on FB and they said to run a cup of bleach through it so I did and that worked so well. Ours actually has a place next to where you put detergent to put bleach. Then I used the clean washer setting and let it roll for four hours. It instantly fixed the smell. I don’t know why it started smelling because I always leave it open after using.  At least now I know how to fix it!  

3.  Add these to your grocery cart for the super bowl. Kevin gets this cilantro salsa at Sams Club and the combo is dangerous!

4. Molly Anne's teacher texted this to me on Wednesday!  I french braided her hair while Grady tried to get into her bathtub ha.  She is getting so good at writing her name with lowercase letters these days.  

5.  An easy dinner.  Hilary and I were standing in the driveway on Wednesday night while the kids played and I asked her what she was making for dinner because I had nothing planned.  She was doing smoked sausage, mushrooms and zucchini sheet pan with montreal steak seasoning (her homemade version of the seasoning).  I said genius!  I didn't have zucchini so I used an onion and I had a bag of frozen peas so I popped those on the stove top.  I threw everything else on a sheet pan, cooked it for 20 minutes and dinner was done!  Molly Anne ate all of hers, Grady ate everything that wasn't green and I loved the zero carb meal.  

Happy Friday!

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