Thursday, January 23, 2020

Grady Grady

It’s been quite a week around here. Grady is getting allergy tested this morning so he had to stop taking Zyrtec 5 days prior and I just knew he’d get sick without having it in his system. But he’s been so sick so many times in the last year, his pediatrician think it’s really important he gets tested so we really know what’s going on. So we’ve had to tough it out. 

And of course he’s had a very high fever for Monday and Tuesday too, probably unrelated to the congestion. His spirits have been pretty good though. You wouldn’t know he’s been sick except the constant coughing all night long. Poor boy!  We have obviously been homebound all week. He hasn’t had a fever since Tuesday at 12 so I’m hoping it’s all over. 

This morning is not going to be fun but I hope we get answers to get this boy better long term. 

And let’s not talk about how the working mom thing is going this week!!  Ha!  Grady is most important though and I’ve been keeping up with everything. I’ve had to get creative for a couple of phone calls (driving all around town to keep Grady quiet) and my coworker has totally helped me out.  


In other news, I’ve been searching for a bedskirt for Molly Anne’s daybed and I hadn’t found anything remotely cute or not a million dollars. Found this one on Ballard Designs website and got it on sale and it’s so adorable!  She loves it!  Yes, this bed was mine growing up! 

These two have been best little buddies this week. 

My buddy boy!  If he wasn’t already incredibly attached to me, we’ve taken it to a new level this week! ;) I don’t hate it!! xoxo

Kevin relieved me for a bit Tuesday afternoon so I could take Molly Anne to gymnastics!  It was good to get out and I loved getting to watch her!  She got up to the 5th knot on the rope again!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  My face looks like I have a newborn who isn’t sleeping right now so I hope Grady feels better ASAP so we can sleep again! ;) #mamahood

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