Monday, January 27, 2020


Heavy heart today after the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash yesterday.  I just can't imagine what those last moments were like for everyone on board.  So so so so sad.  We must live every moment like it's our last.  It can happen anytime to anybody.  Cannot imagine. 


Friday night we had a frozen pizza for dinner and then did legos after Grady went to bed.  She finished Elsa's Magical Ice Palace!  And that was the last set she got for Christmas.  Now she'll just play with all of the sets she has made and the pieces will all get jumbled together.  It makes my mind crazy but the imaginative play she gets with it all is so worth it!

Saturday morning I took the kids back to Hobby Lobby to go get a huge unicorn stuffed animal that Molly Anne earned with her reward chart.  She worked for about three weeks to get that thing and thankfully they still had it!  And we got some more Valentine's Day crafts that she loved doing all weekend.  She loves those foam sticker hearts and made a ton of crafts with them.  

We picked up Kevin on the way to Target and had a nice little family outing there.  HA!  Stopped at Chick Fil A on the way home to get them lunch.  I went for a run during nap time and my legs have been so sore ever since.  Not sure what's up with that.  They shouldn't be but who knows.  I ran about a minute faster per mile than I typically do so maybe that's why?!  I even stretched before I went which I never do.  

My parents sent Grady a bulldozer and bulldozer book to help him feel better last week.  He has loved them!

We fed the kids and gave them baths and put Grady to bed.  Then Bella came over and we went to two different events.  One was an informal high school reunion for Kevin at Dreamchasers Brewery and then we went to The Broken Spoke in the southend area for a 40th birthday party for Clay!  His wife Andi and I grew up in Maryland together.  We had the best time!  We went over to Queen Park Social afterwards with the group then went home way too late.  

Sunday morning came early.  Ha!  We didn't even leave the house all day except after naps it finally warmed up enough to play outside so we went over to our neighbors.  They all ran wild and then we came home and had spaghetti for dinner.  I made the sauce that morning so it simmered all day and was delicious.  Felt like I was at my parent's eating Mom's spaghetti.  Grady ate an entire plate of it, Molly Anne had like three bites.  Whatever!

Mills and I were on trash duty taking the bin to the curb while Kevin cleaned up dinner. 

Monday morning scrapple eaters in their stripes!  Grady has tools on his shirt today so he's running around saying, "tools" over and over!  I really need to get rid of the cupcake tin of beads from weeks ago.  I'm tired of looking at it on our counter!  

Hope everyone has a good day.  I'll be spending my lunch break at the Toyota dealership getting our car serviced before it hits the mileage when it's out of warranty. Ugh!

Chat soon!

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