Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Meal Planning

I had a reader ask how I meal plan and I loved the blog post suggestion!  Honestly I try to have my act together every week but it probably only happens a few weeks a month!  And during the holidays, forget about it! 

First, I keep everything in my phone...because I always have my phone. I don’t always have a piece of paper.  If I think of a meal at a stoplight, I’ll stick it in my “Meal Plan” note then revisit when I go to meal plan for the week.  

Ideally I like to meal plan on Friday or Saturday and order groceries for Saturday or Sunday pick up depending on what we have going on.  

Because I do order pick up and don’t actually go into the grocery store, as I think of other ingredients or staples that I need, I add them on the app right then!  I don’t keep a separate grocery list. 

When I sit down to meal plan (literally I usually figure it out when I’m driving or doing another mindless activity), I put the meal in my Note and then add the groceries for that meal into the grocery store app to order. I usually plan for three nights during the week and one day we have leftovers and another night we go out. I rarely cook on Friday and Saturday nights.  

I never delete the meals out of the Note.  So I have a long list of meals I’ve made over the years. If I can’t think of anything for that week, I’ll go back through my list to spark ideas.  And if I’m really bored of our meals, I’ll hop on Pinterest and make a new board and add some fresh recipes to try. 

That’s it!  How do you do all meal plan?  Mine isn’t rocket science but it works for me!  


  1. I really love the idea of keeping past meal ideas on your phone! And with the blog/place name attached! I’m always trying to google past things I have made and never can find the exact one again!!

  2. I have a little list in my planner of meals I can make, and then I go through them. I also have a Pinterest board of recipes to make and a board of recipes I would like to make again. I'm in such a rut though, I'm going to have to try some new recipes!

  3. I look at my calendar and see what is going on that week. I order my groceries online and set for a Monday evening pick up (after work/cheer) and add items throughout the week.
    I add meals on there that my kids ask for and also what sounds good or is easy to make with the time we have that evening. I usually plan for two weeks out. I have three days this month that are still unaccounted for. I'll probably search Pinterest for some ideas.