Monday, January 13, 2020

Kelly and Out

A visit from your bestie and MOH is always needed!!  Mom and I were talking on my way home from the airport on Friday afternoon about how good of a friend Kelly is. She’s as solid as they come. We’ve known each other for a longggg time and lived together for years.  We were maid of honors in each others weddings. We can go weeks without talking which we rarely do (but sometimes #life) and we always catch up where we left off with never any hurt feelings about the time passed.  Anyway, she was in Charlotte for work and stayed an extra night to hang out with us.  Such a treat! 

We got to scoot out after bedtimes and went to Waverly - Porters House, CO and Foxcroft Wine.  We talked and talked and talked.  And then talked more ha!  It had been years since she and I went out like this without husbands or kids!

She was the Grady whisperer and helped me so much with him!!  Unfortunately she had to head back to Raleigh early Saturday morning to her own family but we loved the time with her so much! 

I took the kids to Hobby Lobby while Kevin worked.  Molly Anne loves going there. Grady loves to be in the stroller so it works out well.  You know those days where you must leave the house even when it’s raining? Yep that was Saturday morning.  She picked out a craft for herself and one for Grady. These are those old school beads that you iron to melt them together!  Honestly she didn’t have the attention span to spend an hour on these (it’s funny because she will do legos for hours on end with no break).  But she will pick this back up whenever.  

Grady had fun painting for umm maybe 5 minutes but it was something different!  They had lunch, he and I took naps and then we played after that for a little while. 

Kevin and I went out to meet up with some friends from where we used to live uptown!  We love David and Jenn and go way back with them!  12+ years now! We met for drinks at Zeppelin and those are always absolutely amazing. Works of art for sure. 

We had 7:30 reservations at Beef and Bottle and it was outstanding. We started with a round of miller lites for old times sake!  Great call on that David!  We love hanging out with them.  Next time, we won’t let so much time pass!  

Sunday morning we chilled. Isn’t this the life?!  She needs this downtime on the weekends and I love how she gets her loveys and brings them down to get comfy!

About 10:30 the kids and I set out on a walk across the hood to our friend’s house!  We didn’t go in or anything, it was just our destination to walk that far!  Molly Anne said she could make it all of the way to Ms. Margot’s house ha!  She certainly did!  Walked and ran. It was about 2.25 miles round trip!  Grady always likes being outside and it was so warm we had to be out there!

We played a lot with these that my friend Rachel recommended!  They’re so fun! Had to be careful with Grady trying to put the little pieces in his mouth but he was mostly pretty good with them! 

We ended up getting sushi take out for dinner and called it a day.  Happy Monday!!


  1. My nieces and nephews used to be obsessed with those toys at the end! They player for HOURS with them! Catching up with old friends is the best!

  2. Is Molly Anne into beads/threading/jewelry at all? I know that Charlotte is a solid 1+ years younger than MA, but she received a big bead kit with pipe cleaners and various string/cord this past weekend at her birthday party and she is OBSESSED. She's loved threading the various beads onto pipe cleaners for awhile but the thought of threading beads onto cord and actually making jewelry/something to wear (or give me to wear) blew her mind haha!