Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Girl Talk

Let's see...here's a random post for ya.  

1.  I still want to write about having a career 15 years after you graduate college and when you have small children.  I think it'll be a delicate post to write but I think it'll be beneficial for more than one person.  I hope to work on this post this week!

2.  I told a few friends last week that I heard about the Billie razor on a Bachelor podcast (more to come about podcasts below) so I swiped up!!  Haha!  I honestly hate shaving my legs.  I equally hate spending a million dollars on new cartridges (is that what they're called?!).  So I randomly got this Billie razor for my stocking at Christmas and I must say, it's legit!  $9, free shipping and comes with a refill.  It's WAY better than the Gillette Venus one I had.  They also auto ship you new cartridges so you don't even have to think about it.  No cuts on your first time using one and I swear my legs were smooth for days afterwards!  Give it a try.  Here's my little referral code if you want to use it!  

3.  I'm not a huge podcast person because usually my kids and I listen to music and talk talk talk when I have them in the car.  But on my trips to the airport for a project I have going on out there and when I don't have them, I've been listening to some podcasts.  Most of you all know I love The Bachelor and Country Music so these are my favs in that category - Bobbycast (Bobby Bones), Whine Down (Jana Kramer), Off the Vine (Kaitlyn Bristowe), Bachelor Happy Hour, Get Real (Caroline Hobby - she has a lot of Nashville folks on) and sometimes Reality Steve although I can't deal with all of that drama sometimes.  Others that I listen to - It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time and But Not All At Once.  

4.  Who is watching The Bachelor this season?  I really would love Hannah and Peter to get back together but I know that's not happening, as of yet.  I wonder why Reality Steve can't spoil the ending this season?  Anyone have any insight?!

5.  Grocery store - it cracks me up how guys have zero clue how much groceries are.  Some of my friends talk about how their husbands think they should be $100/week for a family of 4.  There's no way!  I try to stay under $150 but sometimes it's closer to $200.  And Target is not included...those are not groceries.  Those are essentials...most of the time.  I'm talking - dawn, cascade, cleaning stuff that I don't get on Amazon, baby soap, things like that!  Who hears me on this?!  Talk to me!  It's still cheaper than eating out!!!  

6.  Planning both of the Valentine's parties at school now and assembling their Valentines that I wrote about last week.  I sent out the email to both classes yesterday.  We are just doing a sugar cookie (those decorated ones that grocery stores always have) and pretzels because those are heart shaped!  Big sourdough one for MA's class and the small ones for Grady's.  One parent will sign up to bring each.  I already got tablecloths, plates, napkins and party favors.  Done and done.  

7.  It was pouring down rain yesterday morning and getting both kids into school with their sheets etc for the week is always a good time... while dressed up in my work clothes and trying to look presentable for a day at the office.  Gotta love it.  Of course, Grady doesn't have a raincoat and Molly Anne's boots are way too small for her.  Ordered this raincoat for Grady off Amazon and these boots for Molly Anne.  Finally veering away from Hunters for something different for her.  She said she wanted rainbow boots so she's getting them..kinda haha.  Not sure if we have the same idea of rainbow!  ;)  When writing this, I see that I got Hatley in both, that was a coincidence but it's a nice brand so sounds great!

Hatley Blue Farm Tractors Colour Changing RaincoatPAIR


  1. I would love to read a post from you about career balance. It's such a struggle for me and I always like to hear how other families make it work with 2 working parents. We live in Wilmington NC and I've been working since college graduation in 2002, just turned 40 yrs old, and have a 6-yr old son and 3-yr old twins. It's a lot, whew. Thank you - love your blog!

  2. Please consider doing a post on career balance! I graduated college 10 years ago and we're expecting our first in June. The majority of my friends are choosing to stay-at-home (which I think is great!) but I love my career and plan to continue working. Any tips for two working parents would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Oh gosh, those rainbow boots are adorable! SC has a very strict idea of what constitutes rainbow-the colors need to be in order, lol! I hear you on the grocery budget! I try to stay around $150 too, but it is so easy to go over. Shopping at Aldi helps me a lot, and I love doing Walmart pick up (although last week I did both and completely blew the budget)!

  4. I LOVE 'but not all at once' and 'it sounded like a good idea at the time' - like, I kind of wish i lived in Charlotte b/c some of my favorite blogger - instagram - podcast "friends" are there!