Friday, January 3, 2020

A Look Ahead

I’m not a very big resolution person (because I feel like it’s setting myself up for failure!) but I do enjoy the reset of a new year.  It seems like a fresh look on things and I think that’s always positive. I’m such a creature of habit that I need that extra push sometimes to break out of my little shell!

Here are some things I’d like to focus on or keeping working on:

1. Keep going on my working out thing. I love love my Peloton and not only for the cycle classes. I love the running outdoor and strength classes too. This year I finally realized that every workout doesn’t have to be a 45 min hardcore cardio sweaty to the max workout. Sometimes it can be some strength stuff that you find on Instagram. Or it can be a bootcamp that you get your tail kicked in. Or a 20 min Peloton class. It’s all good and I need to continue to be well rounded instead of all cardio. 

2.  I need to do a better job of meal planning. My life and world feels right when I’m putting healthy meals on the table for Kevin and my children. And having those planned out for the week on Sunday with our fridge stocked makes my little engi-nerd heart feel WAY better about the work week!  I operate so much better in so many ways when I do this. 

3.  I started to learn how to delegate things at work and for my room mom duties and that felt good to take some of that off my plate. Most people always want to help and I just gotta release control and let people do it!

4.  I need to remember that my name isn’t on the outside of the building where I work. And never will be. I hope to find balance here. PS do you all like when I talk about work stuff or is it boring?!  

5.  I like the structure of what goes on under our roof now and I know all of that will change in August when Molly Anne goes to kindergarten and they’re at different schools again. I hope I can find a happy middle ground on that chaos and my biggest hope/worry is that her after-school activity or whatever it is will work out. 

I think those are the big ones. Of course I’d like to lose 15 pounds and all of that stuff but really I’d rather be healthy and show my kids that exercise, having fun and vegetables are equally as important!  Cheers to 2020!


  1. Work stuff is not boring! Love that you are a working mom and are real with the balance of it! I like your idea of just looking ahead and not time specific goals makes it feel more manageable. Can you do a post on how you keep meal stuff organized? Do you write down in a planner?

  2. Love all your blog posts! Sorry I don’t comment enough. btw, I requested to follow you on Instagram :)

  3. I love hearing about the work stuff as a fellow working Mom! Your goals for the coming year are great and similar to mine! I LOVE my Peloton too and really enjoy the off-bike content. I really want to start with Andy Speer's strength training and get that as part of my habit! Cheers to 2020!