Friday, January 24, 2020

Three on Friday - Allergy Testing, Molly Anne-ism, Grady Puddle Jumpers

Thank you all for your good wishes about Grady's allergy testing yesterday.  First, it was WAY easier than I thought.  I had really been dreading it since it was scheduled in November and honestly I had no reason other than AHH they're going to prick him 20 times at once and Grady is going to lose his mind.  Well, he didn't cry at all.  The only time his feathers got ruffled was when the doctor checked his ears.  True Grady fashion.  And...he isn't allergic to one thing.  So the plan is to follow up with the ENT if the croup continues and to stay on Zyrtec until he turns 3 because that has been the most helpful thing so far.

On our way to school one day this week, we were sitting at a stoplight and Molly Anne goes, "Whoa, that lady is blowing a candle out of her car!"  I look over and she was smoking a cigarette and I died laughing.  I guess she's probably never seen anyone smoking!  I just want her to stay young and naive forever!

This summer is going to be quite a treat at the pool.  I will be on high alert for ole Grady boy!  The rule of the puddle jumpers on before we enter the gate of the neighborhood pool and they do not get taken off until we're back at the car will be instituted.  I know some people are against puddle jumpers but if you are one person and have multiple children at the pool, they're essential.  My kids will learn how to swim but for now Grady will wear these.  I ordered them the other day because I thought they were super cute compared to other ones I've seen.    

Happy Friday!  We are going out to lunch today at Upstream for a co-workers birthday.  And we have some fun plans this weekend.  Chat soon!


  1. You need to do what you need to do to keep your kid safe in the water!

    Also, did you read Miranda of Miranda in Charlotte's post about her allergy saga? It was interesting to hear that she had a vaccine issue rather than allergies that caused her sicknesses.

  2. Molly Anne's observation made me laugh out loud. That's hilarious!