Monday, January 6, 2020

Lilly Sale and Weekend

Who is shopping the Lilly sale this morning?  It begins at 8am!  Make sure you know your login information for a fast checkout! 

I will have my eyes peeled for some shifts for Molly Anne. It’s all she wears all summer!  She loves them and they’re so comfortable and cute!  If I see a bathing suit for her, I’ll grab that too!  

I’ll be on the hunt for some workout tanks (love their luxletic line) and maybe a matching shirt to one of Molly Anne’s dresses. She loves to match these days and I know that isn’t going to last forever!

Happy shopping!  Find the sale here!


We honestly didn’t do much all weekend!  We stayed home Friday night for dinner then I did some catch up from the week after they went to bed.  Saturday morning we had a handyman over to discuss some projects we may do to the house soon. More on that later.  We discovered on the way to Harris Teeter to pick up groceries that Molly Anne was 4.5 that day!  And if you have a toddler then you know how big that “half” birthday is haha!! 

During Grady’s nap, Molly Anne and I went on a 2.5 mile adventure. She rode her bike and I walked/ran beside her. There was a lot of stopping and starting because our neighborhood is really hilly and getting up those hills on her bike was hard work!  I was so proud of her riding that far though!  

We had a little dance party after dinner that night and both of the kids love turning the music up loud and acting silly!  It’s the little things!  I made this pizza that was so good. I used the crust recipe from this recipe and the rest was from this recipe   Very few carbs and delicious!  And leftovers so win!

Sunday morning, Molly Anne and I wrote thank you notes while Grady played. She did some legos and “learning” on her tablet during quiet time. I did a Peloton ride with my friend Jodie which always gets me right for the week!  

Otherwise, it was a quiet weekend getting ready for a busy week. Have a little travel, a little fun and a lot of work ahead!   Up tomorrow on the blog are the Valentines I put together for their classes and on a Wednesday is how I meal plan!  Funny topic for me since I’m not a good meal planner every week but just sharing how I pretend to cook!!

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  1. Haha! I’m 51 and my half birthday is this Friday. I’m taking the day off work. I ALWAYS celebrate it. Because, why not? ;)