Thursday, January 2, 2020

NYE and New Years Day

Is everyone back to work and the grind today?  Public schools here don’t go back until Monday but I’m back in action at the office.  Their daycare is open. 

We didn’t have any big NYE plans and we didn’t mind one bit!  Molly Anne’s class did a countdown and noon and we picked them both up at 3 and played outside the rest of the afternoon. Yes, we are outside constantly!   

I actually went INTO (usually I’m an express lane girl only!) the grocery store on NYE to grab things to make a delish dinner after my friends shared their dinner plans. 

An easy carbless appetizer.  Not the best shrimp I’ve ever had but they were perfect for us. 

I had picked up a banner, noise makers and headbands for the kids at Target a couple of weeks ago. 

I used this SkinnyTaste recipe for the filets, the recipe for the salad is below from my friend Nina and those are Bob Evans premade mashed potatoes!  Don’t judge. Balance ha!!  I had gotten three filets and the children split one. They ate it all minus the salad! 

We played after dinner and had a dance party!  They both love dancing!

Grady went to bed at 7 and we let Molly Anne stay up and watch some of Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve. I love watching Ryan Seacrest on there!  Molly Anne loves some Kelsea Ballerini! 

After she went to bed, I ran over to my friend Margot’s for a little bit! It was fun!

Came home for the ball drop. Kevin fell asleep around 11 ha!  Then there was a fireworks show right outside our house!


Yesterday Molly Anne, Grady and I met some friends at the playground while Kevin worked then just Molly Anne and I went to lunch with them during Grady’s nap!  We let the kids run around wild at the club afterwards.  We came home and I fell asleep for an hour while Kevin and Molly Anne did legos. That was nice!  We played outside after naps and Molly Anne and I pulled a little prank on our next door neighbors!  All in good fun!

Here’s to a new year. I’m going to pull together a few calendars (two schools, my work) and see how the year will be shaking out with days off etc. 

Hope everyone has a great start to 2020!