Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas Eve and Day

Our next door neighbors (not our good friends we hang with all of the time, the others) brought Molly Anne and Grady a gift which was overly kind and thoughtful.  They both love this dancing Elmo!

Mom and I were making crab soups and we looked over and saw Poppa talking to Grady, it was sweet!

On Christmas Eve, we drove around looking for Rudolph's nose!  We finally found him and Molly Anne lost her mind!  Oh this reminds me, on the 23rd, after Grady went to bed, my parents, Molly Anne and I drove around looking at lights too!  Looking for Rudolph's nose is a longtime tradition in our family!  

Then my Dad read them Twas the Night Before Christmas!  I saw somewhere on our local Mom's board to have your Dad read it to his grandchildren and video it so I did!  

Oops, none of the tree or garland lights were on after Santa left!  Kevin and Molly Anne had sprinkled her reindeer food, that she made at school, out front and she also left cookies for him!  Our next door neighbor shared some of their cookies which were the real deal and we did some slice and bake too haha!

She was sooooooo excited Christmas morning!  She went to her stocking first!

She finally found the unicorn flip flops that Santa brought!  They were the only thing she asked for!  Right before she put them on, she said, "let's see how cute I look in my unicorn flip flops!"  Ahhh!  So funny!  They are a little big but Santa did what he could in November/December looking for unicorn flip flops I bet!

This boy had fun too in all of the craziness!

The robe that Nannie and Poppa gave her.  They also gave her an easel which she has loved playing with and a zillion other things!  I think my parents gave her more than we did! ;)  #grandparents

Grady got in on it all too! 

 I think this picture was from a few days before Christmas.  Where is Molly Anne?!  

Grady loves his new chair that Nannie and Poppa gave him!  

Kevin's parents and niece came over for a visit after nap time!

My children don't know how lucky they are to have all four grandparents!  I will tell them though!

I mean I know I'm a bit biased but...!!

Our fam!

Checking out the train!

The king of the castle, always has been and always will be!

And this is her tree that she decorated earlier in December!  She put all of the ornaments on the same branch and the top leaned down after 5 balls were on it haha!  She loved sleeping with it on in her room every night then I'd turn it off before I went to bed!

And that's a wrap on our Christmas.  It was all taken down and cleaned up the next day.  The tree was out by noon on the 26th (thanks to Mom and Dad!) and everything out by that night, except a couple of things we had to get bubble wrap for.  That was all put away by the following day.  

I did organize my Christmas decorations differently this year.  I bought 7 new bins from Target and used washi tape to really organize the decorations.  I used all new paper towels to wrap the ornaments and threw away all of the old, nasty ones.  I am donating some decorations we won't ever use in this house and everything is very tidy on our 3rd floor!  Feels good!  

One more post from the rest of this past week then I'll do our Year in Review!

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  1. I did some Christmas decoration purge as well. I need to do more, but didn't have the energy this year!