Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ballantyne, Ritz, Bears

Sunday the 23rd, after my brother's fam left and nap time, we went over to the Ballantyne Hotel to see the gingerbread houses.  I usually don't wait this late in the month to go see them but I literally had zero time this year.  That's a whole other story.  Anyway, my parents and I took the children and I'm glad we did it.  The line was so long that we only got to see a few as we walked from one end of the hotel to the other.  

Molly Anne oddly remembered that we ALWAYS have taken her picture by this tree in the hotel lobby!  Isn't that crazy?  She said, "let's go see the tree Mama!  Her memory is unbelievable.

Monday the 24th, we got up and scooted uptown early!  We always valet at the Ritz and check out the gingerbread house first!  Molly Anne was obsessed with the train!  By the way, we have the Polar Express train for around our tree....if you have or will have a 3 year old next year, make sure you have a train around your tree!  Even Grady loved it at 7 months old haha!  

Then we walked over to the bears in the Bank of America building!

Grady was real thrilled.  Actually I held him for a good 20 minutes to let him watch but literally all of Charlotte showed up for the 10am performance on Christmas Eve so we jetted out.  It was too chaotic and Molly Anne didn't do well with everyone all over the place. She was fine, but wasn't having that much fun.  The Ritz train was much more her speed this year.  

This was before people got there. 

Oh, before we left, we always take pictures in front of this tree too.  

And it went like this....

And like this...

And like this...  Grady is like I love you Mama and Molly Anne is like, I am three!  Pretty standard!

This was outside of her classroom one day I picked her up in the last couple of weeks!  Too funny, right?!

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  1. So...MA is your mom's twin and Grady is looking a lot like your dad!