Friday, December 14, 2018

Six on Friday - Holiday Festivities

My friend Sarah saved the day on Monday when Molly Anne's school was closed but I had to go to work.  She offered to keep her and of course Molly Anne didn't want to come home after living at her house for the day!  They did crafts and had the best time playing.  I'm glad Molly Anne got good girlfriend time with her oldest friends!

They made these adorable trays and ornaments!

Our tree - I felt like I put a million lights on it and then you take a picture and see all of the places you missed!  Haha!

Tuesday night I went out with some other Mama's from Molly Anne's class at school.  We always have so much fun together and I'm glad we decided to have that first meeting a few months ago at my house.  We've become good friends!

Christmas crafts!  Ms. Becky let Molly Anne do this yesterday while I was there getting Grady.  Do you all know we walked into her class at school today and they were making the same thing!  Haha!

My company party was last night and it's always a good time!  Earrings here for $15!  Wore this dress ($39), these tights and these shoes!

Molly Anne's elf is named Achy and he got into making snow angels in flour last night.  I will just wipe this flour right into the trash can below tonight.  Let me tell yall, Molly Anne laughed SO hard at him this morning.  Totally worth it! 


  1. Damn! The earrings are on a wait list and I want them for next week. Oh well...maybe I can find similar ones around here. Very impressed with all of those rafts with 4 little girls running around!!!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Those earrings are the buried bauble today! $15! Love!