Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Molly Anne's Parade and Pageant

Molly Anne had her Christmas parade at school last Wednesday and her pageant last Friday!  There are a couple other random pictures in this post too as I catch up from last week!

She earned a reward from her latest reward chart and she chose to go get a cupcake from the local place by us.  Pink with a flower on top because duh.

The parade was the cutest!  You can see how shy she was....

yeah right!

Best buddies

She brought back this stuffed animal named Char Char from Maryland.  It was mine from back in the day and we named him after our golden retriever that we grew up with - Charlie.  Molly Anne is obsessed with him.  One night when I went to check on her, she had his hoover between her hands.  It was adorable. 

Friday was the pageant and I had heard Molly Anne singing all of the songs over the past couple of months but never did I realize that she knew every word and every hand motion she was supposed to be doing!  It was unreal!  

Of course she was the loudest and front and center on that stage!  I was so proud of her.  You could tell she knew exactly what to do.  

Sitting when she was supposed to sit.  So very serious about her role as an angel.

She and Natalie

Kevin's parents came for the parade and the pageant, both days!

So excited for our girl!

She also happened to be top dog on Friday so she got to sit in the special chair!  After the pageant, we had a little party in the room.  I helped put this on since I'm room mom.  It went off without a hitch and was so adorable.  I had a little cake made that said Happy Birthday Jesus on it in green with red dots around the top of it.  Gotta love Publix!

The teachers sent home these tiles they had made.  I mean seriously, can you even with how cute they are?

Then I zipped home, called and Uber and went to Vegas.  To be continued....


  1. I'm sure your parents hate missing these things, but glad Kevin's are local. And you can totally see MA's large personality in these pictures!

  2. OMG! She is the cutest angel ever!!!! That is the most adorable picture ever with Char Char!!!! SO SWEET!!!!!

  3. She is the most precious angel ever!!! How did I not know you were the room mom?!?! Very impressive!! Can't wait to read about Vegas!!! ;)

  4. So sweet! Yay that she did so great in the pageant, and she also looks adorable with Char Char!