Monday, July 31, 2017

Party and Croup again?

Can we get a break?!  We had a fun Friday and Saturday, but Sunday - not so much.  Sunday morning Molly Anne and I headed to Urgent Care and they said she had pink eye.  They didn't tell me there are two kinds - bacterial and viral.  Instead they said, use the drops and she'll instantly not be contagious...hmmmm.  Sounded as good as it could right?  Well we came home, I washed everything in our house.  All was mostly normal.  

At 9pm I checked on her and she just wasn't right.  I could tell she sounded raspy but just attributed it to being late and she was tired and half asleep.  At 10pm Kevin and I were on the couch and we heard her over the monitor.  I just knew immediately it was that same croup cough she has had three other times.  I got dressed while he put her in the steamy shower.  And she and I flew out the door to the ER.  Not our first rodeo, sadly.  The ER we go to is sooooo amazing.  Yall we didn't even wait in the waiting room, they had already come out to call us back before we could sit down.  And get this....we went into the room and the doctor followed us on in.  Wild and soooo nice.  They did a breathing treatment and gave her motrin and the steriod.  The respiratory therapist thinks it's more asthma related and less croup.  We are going to follow up with her pediatrician today and hope to have a good plan in place.  

So yeah - urgent care and ER in one day.  Not fun.  I'm going to start calling our house the hospital.  Between she and Mills!  Mills gets his staples out tonight so that's good and the doctor is so kind to come to our house to do that.  We are still doing his twice daily physical therapy, ice and heat.  He is doing really well! 

Let's get to fun stuff!

Friday night we went over to our neighbor's house for happy hour swimming!  Molly Anne is obsessed with Ava and plays with her.  It's basically a vacation when I go over there with her!  

She had the best time and was wiped out when we got home!  Swimming in her boots?  Totally normal!

Saturday morning the three of us went to breakfast at Big View Diner for something different, it was good.

She's got that pencil grip down pat!

We went to the pool that morning for awhile before lunch and nap.

Then we went to Ellis' birthday party!  Her Mama, Kelly is the hostess with the mostest!  Check out these decorations.  You should have seen inside the house - crazy amazing too!

Saturday night Kevin went out with his friend Brad and we just chilled.  Mills got some outdoor time which he was happy about!  

Hope you all have a good week!  I just hope my little buddy feels better soon!


  1. Hope MA feels better.

  2. What a rough Sunday! Hope MA feels better soon!

  3. I hope Mills and Molly Anne are both feeling better soon! What a tough Sunday, but I'm glad that you knew exactly what it was and she was able to get medical attention super quickly. Poor girlie!

  4. So sorry about your "hospital"!!! Hope Molly Anne and Mills get better soon!! As a side note though, I am super impressed with Molly Anne's pencil grip!!! Whoa!!!

  5. Sorry to hear MA has croup again. My daughter is in the same boat-she had it six times by age 2.5. We live in your area and see a pediatric pulmonologist who has us using a nebulizer daily during cold/flu season and every other day otherwise. She hasn't had croup since we started. I'll email you with more information on the practice and what we do, in case you decide to go that route.

  6. We've dealt with croup several times at our house as well. We were told to keep the house really cool and use a cold mist humidifier.

  7. I agree, life is moving really quickly!!!!!!

  8. Hopefully MA is feeling better by the time I am reading this :) And the boots in the pool are hysterical.