Thursday, July 20, 2017

House Updates - Lots of Things

Sooooo here is where we stand today:

1.  All of the wiring is complete.  I hope we have enough electrical outlets!!!!  We put in SIXTY can lights sooo that'll be nice...and expensive.  But I do think they're practical.  Kevin says he hopes they don't go out of style! ;)  They will all have dimmers on them.  I don't know about you all but I love some can lights!

2.  We failed inspection on Monday because we didn't have a letter from an engineer saying that all of the lumber was installed per plans.  The letter is coming.  If you have seen our house, you know it is built, and then built again.  It's very well done.  

3.  Next up is taking A LOT of pictures before drywall happens.  I want to know where every inch of wire is in our house.  The contractor is taking some pics but yall know I will be as well.  We have certain outlets in particular places that have extra umph for like a treadmill for example.  I want to remember all of the details!

4.  Insulation and drywall should be happening soon.  We are kinda behind on ordering cabinets but Kevin and I went yesterday to finalize those details.  There is sooooo much to decide on cabinets!  Lots of detail with these.  They take 6 weeks to build so they'll be holding some things up.  

5.  Pouring the slab on the covered porch this week.  Since we decided to use slate, we have to pour a pad to put it on versus putting it directly on stone.  

6.  I think our tile has been finalized.  The tile I picked out for our butler's pantry backsplash is over $60/SF.  The contractor pricing came in at $42/SF.  Hmmmmmm!  It is truly gorgeous, would make such an impact and have a wow factor!  Since it's such a small space we may do it, but it's still a lot to spend on TILE yall!  I'll probably have to get a sample and hold it up in the room before we go for that!
That's all I've got for now!  


  1. I love can lights! They never go out of style! I'm sitting here staring st them in my parents lake house that they have had for 25 years! You are coming right Along with everything!

  2. We took photos of every wall before they drywalled. We held up a 6 foot marked piece of wood so we knew exactly where everything is. Those photos have been so valuable!

  3. We have slate on our floor in our sunroom, which used to be our screened in porch, which used to be a covered porch. When we had Conner, we wanted a dedicated "play room" of sorts, so - a sunroom it is. It's SO NICE having all of his toys / junk in the back of the house hidden away!! We still have the soft padded tacky square thingies over the slate so if / when he falls (constantly) it won't hurt as much. Can't wait for the day when we can remove those tacky squares and have our pretty floor back!!!!!