Friday, July 14, 2017

Five on Friday - Elizabeth, Recipes and Mills

I got to meet my friend Sarah's precious new baby named Elizabeth this week!  She was born on the 11th!  They went home early this morning and we are just so excited for the newest member of our all girl crowd!  She is perfect!

Took Mills yesterday for his x-rays.  He was still pretty loopy afterwards and seemed so sad.  It was pitiful.  Not good news came from the x-rays.  He definitely tore his left ACL and the right one doesn't look much better.  Meeting the surgeon next week to decide on a game plan.  He is hobbling along for now.  

The Lobster Cobb Salad I made this week was so good.  Highly recommend.  For the lobster I just used three tails from our local store and boiled them.  I prepped everything the night before so this was an easy weeknight meal.  

Molly Anne's lobster cobb salad....eggs, corn, bacon, raspberries, a little lobster which she wouldn't eat and green beans! ;)

This was another winner this week - Shrimp and Pesto Pasta.  So easy.  I put mine over zucchini noodles and Kevin's was over whole wheat angel hair.  

Molly Anne had a little taste of both options.  

Yes our air conditioning is still out in the main part of our house.  This morning it was 83 degrees in there.  Thankfully the bedrooms are still cool.  I'm SOOOO over it.  I think the unit is getting replaced today.  I hope it is at least.  I've called the guy daily this week.  

It is impossible to get Molly Anne to be still for a picture anymore.  It's been this way for awhile.  She won't smile.  She totally knows when I pull my phone out to take pictures or videos of her and then she'll do the opposite of what I want her to do.  #toddlers

But I love her to pieces anyway!  And her monogrammed bow by The Tipsy Bunny was the perfect pop of color for her Friday!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. OMG. She looks so damn cute, even without smiling! Hope you can get the surgery done soon. That's no fun to have a bum leg for a dog.

  2. And are her boots on the wrong feet in that last picture? Ha.

  3. Dying over her outfit! She's the cutest. So sorry about Mills! Poor guy. Hope he can get some relief soon!

  4. Hoping Mills can start his road to recovery soon and that your AC gets replaced. At least the bedrooms are still cool, but it is so darn hot right now!

  5. So our beloved big black lab Magoo had both knees replaced due to a full ACL tear in one knee and a partial tear in the other. We decided to do both knees at once, it was a lot but he was like a puppy again once he healed (we did the surgery when he was 8). Im happy to be a resource if you have any questions on what to expect, what worked well for us/what didn't.

  6. Love these dinner ideas definitely want to add them to my rotation. Hope mills can get his surgery soon. Also I was traveling for work this week have to say kudos to you managing with MA , I found it exhausting just me ! :)

  7. Mollie Anne is so precious! Hope things go well for Mills he's precious too. ☺️

  8. So sorry to hear about Mills. Our dog tore both of hers at a very young age. We opted for the more expensive surgery because they said the likelihood she would tear again is high due to her activity level. No fun but well worth the money. She's still as active as ever at nine! Had to take a daily vitamin for joints but that's it.

    Send my best to Sarah!

  9. SO sorry about poor Mills!!!!!!

    Okay - do you MAKE or BUY your zucchini noodles?!? And how do you cook them?