Monday, July 3, 2017

Molly Anne's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Molly Anne's 2nd birthday party on Saturday at our home!  We had it begin at 3:30pm and since it's so hot that time of day in July, we made it a water theme.  We decided to do everything that Molly Anne loves - water table, plastic pool with slide going into it, hanging outside in the backyard, bubbles, sprinklers, pizza, chicken nuggets, applesauce pouches and cake!  Here are a million pictures and the details at the end!

Up from her nap and surprise - a huge Minnie balloon!

Mills loved the party!

Sabrina was amazing and let Molly Anne paint all over her face and neck!  So sweet.  

Her first look at the surprise - Minnie and Mickey!

Face painting - she got a pretty fish!

She wasn't too sure about Minnie and Mickey but eventually warmed up to Minnie!

Girlfriend loved the cake!

At the end of the party there weren't many people still there and we look over and Molly Anne is running around with this balloon and singing, "Happpppy to youuuuu, Happppppy to youuuuuu!"  It was the cutest thing!  She was SO excited!


Oriental Trading was so kind to partner and sent us Minnie plates and napkins, beach balls, pink balloons, beach buckets and the 2 balloon!  See here

Molly Anne wore this bathing suit and this dress!  I wore this Lilly dress that I do believe is the most comfortable one I've ever worn.  Best part is that I could throw it in the wash and it comes out perfectly.  No dry cleaning required.

Ordered the huge Minnie balloon from Amazon although Oriental Trading carries it as well!  Harris Teeter charged $8 to inflate it but I think prices vary depending on who is doing it.  Molly Anne has LOVED this balloon and has continued to play with it and talk to her ha!

Minnie and Mickey were super cute.  I found them through this company.  The girl who was Minnie came 30 minutes early and did face painting and made balloons for the children.  She then went and changed and Mickey arrived.  It was so fun for the children!

For the favors I really wanted to do something that was practical and usable after the party.  I decided to get these large balls from Target and wrote each child's name on a ball with a black Sharpie.  It wasn't anything crafty but I haven't met a child that doesn't like a ball!  Yall should have seen me getting 18 of these balls.  I had to get 9 at a time because that's all that would fit in my Target cart!

Cake - Publix!  Can never go wrong with the Publix bakery!


  1. Cute party. Those are the best favors ever!! Great idea!!!

  2. This looks like SO much fun and we hated to have missed it! You and Molly Anne both looked fab & I love the idea about the balls as party favors! Way to go, mama!