Friday, July 28, 2017

Southern Utah, Vegas and Elizabeth

Late post today.  I'm crazy because I haven't been to my office in over a week so today is catch up day.  I've had other stuff going on too so I'm just crazy. 

Monday afternoon I headed to Vegas and then drove a few hours north to southern Utah.  The drive was actually pretty gorgeous.  I drove through this crazy canyon and it was one of the most unreal things I've ever seen.  I also went through Arizona which was a first for me (other than the Phoenix airport!).  

Got my work done on early Tuesday morning and drove back to Vegas to catch my flight home.  There was a 1pm and an 11pm and I got there after the 1pm had left so I had 10 hours in Vegas.  I ended up returning my rental car, booking a cheap room at the Bellagio so I had a home base and a place to put my bag.  Otherwise, I would have driven around in circles for 10 hours...umm no.    

I sat by the pool and caught up my email, regrouped, took a decent shower and then bounced around a few places within the hotel for drinks and appetizers.  It was fun.  

I took the red eye back and was Mom again upon landing ha!  Back to work I go after a work trip...well that doesn't make sense but you traveling Moms get it. 

Thursday morning Molly Anne got to meet Elizabeth.  She loved kissing her head!  When I held Elizabeth, Molly Anne kept saying, "Put her down!".  It was funny...a little jealously hmmmm!!!

We don't have much on tap for this weekend.  Playing the 'regouping from the work week' game, taking care of Mills and doing his physical therapy and a birthday party.  TGIF!


  1. Those girls are so damn cute!

  2. What a busy week, but it sounds like you got to see some neat things too! SC used to be crazy jealous of my niece, so I really wasn't able to hold her very much. Fortunately she outgrew that! Have a great weekend, and I hope Mills is feeling better!