Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Molly Anne is TWO!

Our Molly Anne is TWO today!  I cannot even believe that!  We have had the best year with her.  Here are some things about my girl!

1.  Her well check is in a couple of weeks and then we'll find out how much she weighs and her height.  I think she is just under 30 pounds and over 31" tall.  She has probably stayed at her 50th percentile on everything which she has been since she was born. 

2.  She is wearing size 2T clothes.  Some 18 and 24m dresses and shorts but 2T fits pretty well.  Size 5 or 6 shoes depending.  Size 5 diaper although diapers are likely going away soon and very soon.  We'll see how it goes!  Less than two weeks until we begin potty training.  And when I say "we" I mean Ms. Becky ha!!

3.  She has all of her teeth except the two year molars and those are happening now.   This past week her hands have been in her mouth constantly.

4.  Her memory is crazy amazing!  She remembers things from months ago.  Four days after us hosting Father's Day dinner at our house, she went around the table when no one was here and named who sat in which chair! 

5.  Every man she sees with a white beard, she says Ho Ho Ho to him!  It's almost hilarious at this point.  This last time was about a month ago and we were at Bad Daddy's.  Molly Anne saw him first out of the three of us and she gave me this look like, "mama! oh my, look behind you!"  So I looked around and there he was.  She looked back at me and kind of tilted her head down and said, "ho ho ho!"  He saw her do it and we had the best time with him that night.  He sat at the table next to us and she kept peaking over at him and he would wave to her and smile every time.  It was really cute!  And yes, he is a real Santa during the season! 

6.  Not that I'm biased or anything but I think she has the best personality.  She has never met a stranger (good and bad ha!) and will talk to everyone.  She truly has fun in everything she does.  She does have the typical 2 year old sharing issues, the attitude "no no no" and things like that but I think in general she is a pretty happy little girl!

7.  Molly Anne didn't walk until 16 months old but this girl has been talking since July 4, 2015!  She will talk talk talk and narrate her life.  No clue where she gets it from haha!  She will say, "sit on mills bed, read a book"  Or "heeeeey, how are you?"  Or "Mommy sit right here next me"  She will literally tell you anything.  It's unreal.  Her communication is not something I will worry about, maybe ever.  We never did any of the sign language stuff that I know most do, instead I just talked to her and I think that worked for us.  May not work for everyone but worked for Molly Anne.  Talk talk talk talk is all she does.

8.  Her imaginative play is super cute.  She like to place all of her animals in a new place in her crib every night.  Covering up her bunny with her blanket is adorable.  Minnie and Mickey Little People talk to each other.  She was talking to her huge Minnie balloon last night and gave her a kiss and told her goodnight.  She makes food in her play kitchen and brings it to Kevin, Mills! and I to taste.  Mills loves tasting the plastic spoon...ha, poor pooch!

9.  Becky says she still eats mostly everything she gives her.  She does go in these phases of one day loving strawberries or something like that and the next day won't eat them.  The following day, she's back to liking them again.  It's weird but I know their taste buds change so much.  She isn't into watermelon for sure.  She LOVES mac n cheese and pizza but obviously she doesn't get those as often as she would like it.  Her favorite snacks are definitely goldfish.  If she stops eating goldfish at any point, I'll assume she is sick!

First look at her new bike from my parents!

10.  Same routine on sleep - she goes to the bath tub at 6:30, bed at 7.  She falls asleep generally withing 30 minutes and wakes up at 6:30am so 11 hours of sleep.  She takes an afternoon nap normally that starts around 12:15/12:30 and that usually lasts about 2/2.5 hours.  

11.  Numbers...oh numbers.  She is very into counting.  She can count to 10 easily but skips 7 and 8 a lot and goes straight to 9 then 10.  But if you say the 7 after she says 6, then she will say 8, 9, 10.  Becky said missing 7 is normal because it's two syllables after lots of one syllable words.  I've heard her count to 14 then skip to 18, 19, 20.  She's been doing this counting thing for about a month.  We like numbers in this house!  

12.  Letters - she LOVES to sing the ABC's with my Dad.  She will get in my car in the afternoons from Becky's and say, "Call Poppa, sing ABCs!"  Becky is working with them on individual letters and recognition of them now.  So far they've done A and B! ;)  I bet this week is C!

13.  Some of her favorite things to do - pool, playing outside, riding on top of Mills, bubbles, going out and about anywhere, reading books and all of the books, listening to Let It Go from the movie Frozen soundtrack, Mickey and Minnie, talking (!), saying every morning after I dress her - "so cute" about her outfit, dancing to any music, getting on my iPad and watching Mother Goose Club or Elmo's World (yes she can find the YouTube app - mom fail), hanging out with her three cousins, any arts and crafts - especially coloring. 

14.  She is obsessed with her little white blanket that my brother and SIL gave her when she was born.  She calls it "blankys cousin" because I gave my niece one when she was born and she's always called it coffee.  Well we called Molly Anne's "coffee's cousin" for a long time since they are cousins but then it just turned into "blankys cousin" and that is what stuck.  She is also not into Baby Duck as much anymore (of course after I bought two on Ebay so we had back ups after they were discontinued!).  My parents gave her this little white bunny over Easter when we were up there and she is obsessed with that now.  Bunny hangs out with Blankys Cousin quite a bit! ;)

Honestly I wish I could freeze time right now because she is SO FUN and I miss her like a crazy person when I go to work.  She is the highlight of our world and we just love her so much.  This past year flew by a lot faster than her first year of life.  I hope that's not a sign of how these next years will go.  We treasure every moment with her!

In case you missed her birthday party post, see it here!


  1. happy happy birthday sweet MA! She is just precious!! Potty training? Ahh I can't wait to see how that goes. I won't be attempting that with Graham for a long time hahah..I feel like I just got over doing it with Jack. I hope ya'll had the best time celebrating such a special girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to sweet Molly Anne! These are definitely the times to treasure!

  3. Just catching up - and I think you should be so proud and impressed with where MA is at! She sounds smart as a whip! Her birthday party was adorable and I'm glad you guys had a great 4th. This summer is just flying by!

  4. Blanky's cousin! SO CUTE! Happy birthday Molly Anne - two years have flown!