Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mom and Dad's Visit

It has been quite a busy week and I have no clue how I've squeaked out these blog posts!  Monday night I stayed up late writing Molly Anne's birthday blog post that I was supposed to be working on the last two weeks.  But I literally have just not had a minute to spare.  Anyway, I'm glad to have everything caught up and blogged about.  This post is one of my favorites...I love recapping our weekends.  I realize I put a lot of pointless to you all information in them and they're probably annoying to read but I love going back and reliving our weekends!


Here we go.  Last Friday we played out back while we waited for Nannie and Poppa to arrive!  They drove down from Maryland.  Took them almost 10 hours with stops.  They stop for long times because I can make it in 8 hours with a couple quick stops haha!  We were so glad they were here!

Molly Anne just kept screaming NANNIE POPPA NANNIE POPPA!  I love her excitement with them.  And Mills lovessss my parents because they rub his ears which he likes the best!

Dad made her a learning tower and he brought that down with them!  Molly Anne liked it but was a bit hesitant to be in it very long.  I think she'll grow to like it more.  Dad painted it after this picture was taken so now it's white!  My Dad makes her the coolest things - you probably remember the cradle and busy board he made her too.  

Kevin came home from work and we all headed to Inizio Pizza for dinner Friday night.  Our favorite pizza spot!  Molly Anne can down a piece of the pistachio pizza!

We took her home and put her to bed and Kevin stayed with her while I took my parents over to the house!  They loved seeing it and I loved getting to show them everything.  Dad inspected every detail of the wiring, plumbing, hvac etc.!  Mom and I discussed carpet colors!

Saturday morning Molly Anne opened a gift that my neighbor had put on the doorstep for her.  Melissa and Doug mixing set - it is adorable!

Then Mom and I took her to get her hair cut at Modern where I go.  Heather did it for her this time.  You'll see more photos in my post tomorrow!  She was very good having it done though!

Party prep in full force because her big party was that afternoon.  Earlier in the week I made this list because I realized I really wasn't organized.   I instantly felt better after this list was made.  PS - 6 bags of ice were necessary, 3 was not nearly enough!

You can see the post about her party here!

We didn't do much that night.  She opened a few gifts but opened most things on Sunday morning.  She played with her new toys and things that morning.  After nap, we got ready for the 4th of July celebration which I blogged about here.  

Monday morning we headed over to the house to meet the contractor and this baby came and grabbed my leg when there was a loud sound.  Awwww.

After some shopping at the mall, seeing our new office, lunch at Dean and Deluca we came home for a nap and chill time.  Once Kevin came home from work we went to Midwood Smokehouse for a salad and bbq which was a treat.  After bedtime I went to a little celebration for my friend's third baby which I'll blog about tomorrow!  

Tuesday was July 4th and Molly Anne's birthday!  We gave her a gold add a pearl necklace and it's so adorable.  Each year we will give her pearls towards it and eventually she'll have a string of pearls to wear!  This necklace has 3 pearls to start with!  I got it at a local jewelry shop Morrison Smith.  

You can see it on her barely in the below picture!

She got tinker toys and her first bike from my parents.  We also gave her a buddha board which I'm going to put away for a few months.  She'll enjoy it for years to come.  

Yes, the basket on the front is begging for a monogram!  I had gotten her one but it didn't stick to the plastic so I need to figure that out.  

After the bike excitement, we headed to the pool so she could swim, her favorite thing!

She and my Dad watched the bucket fill up and dump water.  According to my engineer father, it dumps every 29 seconds.  

After her nap we got the tinker toys out to play with and she loved that!

Kevin's parents came over and we celebrated some more!  They gave her this cute Minnie Mouse skills board and this caterpillar!  Molly Anne will eventually love this caterpillar but she was a little nervous about it right now!  It will be perfect in a few more months!  

Molly Anne with both sets of her grandparents!  

After grilling out dinner, we played outside with pop its and a couple sparklers!  She loved throwing the pop its on the ground!

Mom had brought her glow sticks and she had fun with those too!

It was a big birthday weekend and the celebrating isn't over yet!  Tomorrow Ms. Becky is having a little party for her there!  I'm getting things together for that tonight!  

My parents left yesterday morning and we were of course sad to see them go.  Dad did a few projects around the house as usual.  Replaced some caulking and painted the learning tower.  They always pitch right in and help us so much without us asking.  Because you know, I don't like asking for help!  We will see them again soon!  Not having a date on the calendar makes it harder for them to go but we'll go up there at some point!


  1. What a wonderful visit with your parents! That is so great that they were able to come down and celebrate Molly Anne's big day with you all! Molly Anne got such cute toys; they will be keeping her busy, I'm sure!

  2. I just posted this question on another post - now I see your DAD built the counter tower stand up thing. Man. That's so awesome that he can make stuff like that!!!!! I will have to scour the web for one.

    We have that Melissa and Doug color / picture peg thing, too.

    I think I need to buy those tinker toys! Super fun! I'm sure they have a more boyish version...going to look for that now!