Monday, July 17, 2017

Out, Pool, Pantry

Monday, Monday.  I am actually writing this on Sunday night.  I am wrapping up laundry, trash is out on the curb, dishwasher is running and will be emptied tonight, we have fresh groceries, meals are planned, house is all picked up, fresh hair blowout.  I must do all of these things to feel ready for the week.  Anyone else the same way?  It's basically the only way I'll survive the work week.  Let's recap this weekend.  

Friday - I went out to lunch with some work girlffriends at Cowfish.  We walked over there from our new office which was super convenient.  Bento box with Marks Roll!

Friday evening the guys were there fixing our HVAC thank goodness.  It was five lonnnngggg days without air in the main part of our house.  Thankfully our bedrooms were cool because it was um 85 degrees in the other part.  We ended up having to replace one of our units.  Ugh.  

This one was jumping with Minnie!  She said, "hey minnie, how are you?  Wanna jump?"  It was cute.

Then Kathryn came over to hang out with Molly Anne and we ubered up to the mall to do a couple of things then walked to Reid's for a drink and some cheese straws!

Then over to Ruth's Chris for a nice dinner out compliments of a gift card Kevin had.  I loveeee a dirty gin martini, especially with blue cheese olives!

We split a salad but it wasn't anything special.  The steaks were amazing and creamed spinach is always required in my world.  So good.  

It's always good to get out just the two of us!  I wore the Jackie Shift Dress again...yes I own it in two patterns.  This one is from last year!  It's so nice to be able to dress it up or down.  I dressed it down in this case and wore these flops due to lots of walking and carried a TB clutch similar to this.  

After dinner we ubered over to Treehouse and listened to some live music outside.  It had cooled off by this point and the band was awesome.  Very chill!

The next morning we got an early Amazon delivery and guess what was in them!  Pull Ups!  See she already put one on?  Yep, that adventure is possibly starting today.  We will see how she responds to it and see if she is ready.  

We had a super lazy morning and after playing in her crib for 2 hours when she was supposed to be napping, we went to the pool.  

Sunday morning I made a meal for my friend Sarah's family while Molly Anne played with play doh and Kevin worked.  

She rode her bike for awhile, we took a walk with her wagon, we played a ton.  

During naptime, I tackled our embarrassing pantry!  This is the before....

After 5 trash bags full, this is the after!  I threw out everything that was expired or that I know we won't use.  Yall, it felt good.  It took me a little over an hour and I feel like a new person ha!

After Molly Anne woke up, we went to the pool for a long time.  Saw a bunch of people knew.  It was fun!

As of Saturday, she will finally wear her puddle jumpers.  FINALLY.  It is making life so much easier.  I still watch her like a hawk but with those and the lifeguards I can calm my bones a bit!  PS yes, I still think this is the cutest bathing suit of all times.  Now that it's on sale, I'm thinking about getting her one for next year.  Thank you to Mom and Dad who surprised her with this earlier this year!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

What a fun weekend! Your date night sounded so nice. I wish we had more restaurants in wilson. Ugh! Yalls pool is amazing. I love the kid area!! Have a great week!

Tess said...

How is MA old enough to potty train???!!! Keep good notes, we will need them........eventually! We cleaned out our pantry a few weeks back and it was so good for the soul! Glad you guys had a great weekend

Maureen Callahan said...

I have to also have everything "in its place" on Sun night. It just helps clear the head for the new week!

MCW said...

Is that your old AC unit??? It looks so ancient!!! One good thing about the D, is everything I didn't want I just left in the house. Food and spices that I had never used but felt guilty about throwing away and other junk that I felt bad throwing out and was too lazy to go take to Goodwill. Ha.

Leslie said...

Aww, she's so cute running around the pool! I am always trying to stay on top of the pantry, fridge and kitchen drawers. It gets messy so quickly, and feels like such a relief when it's all finally organized! It's one of those things that I am like, why didn't I do this before?!

rox said...

Gurrrrrrrrrl.....props to you on moving towards potty training. I bought Conner the Mickey Mouse potty...and have done NOTHING with it so far. Whomp whommmmmmp. Annnnnnnnd he's 28 months old. #badmama

I had it with my pantry, too, so I cleaned it up last week as well. Felt so awesome to toss expired stuff, and have a lot more room for MORE FOOD!! EEEEK! :)

Okay - please tell me about that thing Molly Anne is standing up in at the kitchen counter. I've seen this recently on another blog, and I'm thinking Conner needs one.

Mindy said...

Ohhh boy potty training!!!! Eeeek!!! Let me know if you have questions! ;) I'll help potty train in exchange for you organizing my pantry! Ha! Yours looks fab!!!!

Sawyier said...

I guess my comment got lost! I love cleaning out the pantry, but I'm wondering if you donated the food instead of tossing it? I would hate to see all that go to waste.

Tracy Lyons said...

We just got our first box of pull-ups in our Amazon S&S too! AL is loving them at "school", so we'll see how she does at home. PS - those pineapple PJ's are the cutest! A matching pair may be on the way to our house as I type. Super jealous of your pool... it looks so fun for kiddos!

Jennifer said...

I found Pull ups easier than Easy Ups. Only because if she pooped in them, I could get them off like a diaper.