Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4th on 2nd Celebration

Our favorite day of the year is when we go to our friend's country club with them for their July 4th celebration.  Usually it's on July 3rd but this year it was on Sunday the 2nd!  

Molly Anne ran wild all over and made her way directly over to the bounce house!  She wants to be a big kid so badly! 

I wore this dress!

Our little crew grows more and more each year and we are about to have another little girl join us soon!

This was us last year!  Yes, Molly Anne wore the same 12m dress this year too! 

Molly Anne LOVEDDDD dancing with the DJ and all of the older children.  This picture below where her feet are both off the ground and she is just dancing her heart it!  At one point she was laying on the ground with all of those children starting some dance I hadn't heard of.  #oldschool

My Mother dearest chased her around all over the place!  

She wouldn't get out of the bounce house when their time was up so I bribed her with ice cream and she got right out.  Well there wasn't ice cream but the nice man Jimmie went and got her an ice cream sandwich and she ate every ounce of it!  She was in heaven!

Thankful to have my parents there!

Our Gigi!

And our Mary Scott!


Molly Anne sat on Mom's lap the entire fireworks show and kept yelling, "fireworkkkksssss!!!"  She loved them!


Thank you to Sarah and Mike for such a fun evening!  We always have the best time!


  1. What a fun night!! I wish our club did something like this. Ya'll have quite the girl gang going on! Hope ya'll enjoyed your fourth and celebrating sweet MA birthday!

  2. MA is a busy bee! I can tell she has the best little personality. And another girl for your friend, that's exciting, not sure if she will be able to hold all 3 next year. Ha.

  3. So sweet to see your parents with Molly Anne; it's clear everyone is enjoying every minute together! What a fun night, and I love Molly Anne's little dress!