Thursday, July 13, 2017

House Update - Audio Video

Last night I had to go over to the house after bedtime to meet our Audio Video guy!  Check out how much wire he has run...almost a mile long!  

We are spending a good chunk of change to wire the heck out of this house so we have lots of options in the future.  We are wiring for 6 wifi hotspots, 12 TV locations, 6 camera locations and speakers in every room.  This doesn't mean we are putting in 12 TV's (because we aren't ha!) but we will at least have the wires there so us or someone else will be able to do it easily.   

Looks like the frame for our front doors arrived!

Also some interior doors arrived.  The one in front will be the door from the breakfast area to the covered porch.

And they enlarged the grilling station and put in the final timber column.  These will be wrapped with white trim and dressed up a bit.  The fireplace you see in the background is only the base of the will get the correct brick when we brick the house at the end of the project.

Inspections are happening today or tomorrow and hopefully insulation next week.  Then drywall!


  1. That fireplace is shaping up to be so pretty! It's smart that you guys are "over-wiring". It's so much easier to have options than to go back and do it!

  2. GENIUS for over-wiring! Our house has crazy audio/visual hookups everywhere, which does make it convenient. We have 7 tvs, for the record, but we COULD have 10...ha!