Thursday, July 27, 2017

House Update

Yesterday the framers were back adding more beams - for the inspector and for reinforcement for a swing if we choose to put one on the porch.  We also have to add an additional column on the porch so Mike and I tried to figure out where to put that.  Of course that also depends how wide we make the fireplace because we want the new column to be centered in the middle of the fireplace and house.  

Again, this is just the base or inside of the fireplace.  It will eventually be bricked in the same brick that matches our house.  

I've been thinking paint colors this week.  Definitely going with Benjamin Moore Decorator's White for the cabinets and all trim.  Likely doing Sherwin Williams Spare White on the walls in the main areas and most bedrooms.  It's the color that is a bit more whiter than Sea Salt.  I also need to figure out what color to put on the back of the bookshelves.  Will probably use a darker one from that same color family.  

Oh!  This light came in yesterday and I'm so excited about it for our foyer!  It is lovely and I got it on sale so that was the best part.  I'm keeping my eyes open so when certain lights or mirrors on sale, we grab them!  

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  1. Love that new light! Your house is going to be so gorgeous!