Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Friday

I don't have much today except a bunch of pictures from our week.  I slept maybe 2 hours last night if you put all of the minutes together.  Mills had a really really rough first night and he isn't much better this morning.  I'm hoping these meds start working or I'm going to have to take him back to the vet.  Remember he is 95 pounds so imagine lifting him everywhere.  Yeah.  

Monday after work we played outside and after dinner she had a popsicle!  

Tuesday after work we met Margot and Emme for yogurt at TCBY!

Wednesday after work (yall like my creative theme here?!) I attempted to make dinner and this one brought everything from her bed into the kitchen and covered herself and her bunny up.

Molly Anne had her well check on Wednesday afternoon.  The only thing that really came up is that he wants her to start on Organic 1 or 2% milk instead of Organic Whole milk.  

My parents sent Mills a ramp so we tested that out on Wednesday night.  He wasn't really into going up or down it, even after a goodie.  We'll see if that improves!  I hope it does because I cannot carry this pooch up and down the stairs one more time.

Molly Anne is into her Where's Waldo book.  This was one of my favorites growing up and when I was pregnant, for one of my showers, Mom gave me this.  Last night she found a waldo before I did!

Yesterday morning while Mills was under the knife, I tried to stay busy so I kept Molly Anne home with me and we went to Target, the playground and pool all before 10:30!

I went to get Mills at 5pm yesterday and he wouldn't get up so they had to bring him out on the stretcher.  Yall it was so sad.  The surgery went well.  He had the torn ACL and also a torn meniscus which they fixed.  

He's been in pretty rough shape since he's been home.  Last night was just awful.  I'm really hoping he gets more comfortable today.  

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Sending love + prayers that Mills has a quick recovery!

  2. Give mills a (gentle) hug from us. Hope he's back up and lounging in baby pools soon!

  3. that stretcher pic is heartbreaking. hoping pooch is feeling better soon!

  4. I hope and pray he is better soon!

  5. Poor Mills! My dog has had a couple big surgeries and it is SO hard and sad when your baby is hurting!

  6. OH sweet mills. I can't even look at that picture. Poor poor baby. Prayers, thoughts and restful sleep to all of you...

  7. The first 72 hours of recovery seem to be the most difficult. Hang in there,Mills!!

  8. Poor Mills. I really hope he is feeling better soon and you can all get some rest!

  9. Aww poot Mills!!! Hope he gets better soon...and you get some more sleep this weekend!!!

  10. Why the change in milk? (just curious!!!)

  11. GOTTA GET WHERE'S WALDO FOR CONNER!! Great idea! I, too, loved these as a child!

    Conner has ALWAYS been on 2% milk. Guess it's because he's always been over 50% in the weight / height category?