Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What's Happening

I really don't have much for y'all today!  Here are just some randoms. 

1.  The Skinny Taste Lobster Cobb salad we had last night was delish.  I prepped everything on Sunday so it was very easy to have on a weeknight. 

2.  May and June were so insane and chaotic, I'm really looking forward to the rest of summer.  We don't have many plans in July and we are going to soak it up.   We are hoping to get down to Pawleys at least one more time.  

3.  My friend Regina, her hubby and daughter came over to see our new house last night.  It was super nice that they asked to go see it and they gave me some awesome new ideas.  Kevin and I were talking last night just how kind that was that they genuinely wanted to check it out.  

4.  These two year molars are something fierce.  I think I've given her Motrin every night for the last week to get her somewhat comfortable to fall asleep.  And they're also probably to blame on why she didn't nap this weekend.  

5.  Our air conditioning went out yesterday.  This is likely the last straw and we will probably have to replace that unit.  Thankfully it's the one that cools the kitchen and den area, not the bedrooms.  But with this and likely surgery for Mills, oh and being way over budget on our house -- when it rains, it pours.  $$$

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. It really is true...when it rains it pours. Glad you have a relaxed rest of the summer!

  2. I'm so sorry about Mills needing surgery. Poor guy! We are going to have to get new AC units too. I hate that they are so expensive, but can't imagine summer here without them! Yay for a more carefree summer too. And I hear you about the two year molars. SC is getting her first one, and it's tough!

  3. 2 year molars are so hard! The good news is you don't have anything in the teeth department for so long! Let us know when you go down to PI. We are trying to figure a time to go too! I want to see the house! I love walking construction sites.... benefit of a mother in real estate! Haha!

  4. Totally true about the raining and pouring with regards to budget!! Sorry that happened! And I'm going to add that lobster Cobb salad to the menu this week. Yum! Miss y'all!