Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend - Another Birthday Party, Mills and Pool

This is how our weekend went down.  

Friday - another birthday party for Molly Anne....this one with her friends at Ms. Beckys!  I took pink and green balloons, a small cake from Teeter, candles, leftover minnie and mickey plates from Oriental Trading and party favors!  It was like a party on wheels that arrived at Becky's haha!  Her friends gave her some of the sweetest gifts.  And Ms. Becky always goes overboard and gets her the most fun things.  She knows exactly what she likes!  

These are the party favors I did for this party.  Buckets from Dollar Tree with little buckets inside and also a beach ball stuck in there.  They were easy and cute. 

I made these little tags which for a non-crafty person like me, it was a big deal!

Friday night after Molly Anne was in bed, we hung out in the backyard with Mills.  Kevin threw the ball for him and one time, as he ran back to get it, he yelped loudly and wouldn't put any weight on his back left leg.  We took care of him that night and the next morning headed to the vet.  Sure enough, he tore his ACL (it isn't an ACL in dog terms but that's what it basically is).  They are going to do Xrays on Thursday...they only do them on surgery days because he has to be sedated for them.  They'll see exactly what the problem is and then we will meet with the ortho surgeon.  Hoping to have the surgery done early next week.  We just feel so badly for him.  Until then, he's on an anti-inflammatory medicine and we are babying him like crazy.    

We had cooked these cuban sliders on Friday night before all of the stuff with Mills.  They were so good and easy.

Saturday morning we played and then Kevin took Molly Anne to his parents while I took Mills to the vet.  

After ummm no nap (she wouldn't nap either day this weekend but she stayed in her crib for 1.5 hours talking), we went to the pool.  She loved the splash pad, finally!

We zipped home and jetted to Sabor for a quick dinner.  If you live locally and haven't been yet - you must!

Yesterday we went to church, Home Depot and Harris Teeter.  We bought two dishwashers in approximately 10 minutes so that was thrilling.  We already knew what we were going to get so it was easy.  

After listening to her talk for 1.5 hours in her crib, we went to the pool again!

Living the life!  Some of my friend's older children were there and Molly Anne had a field day playing with the big girls!  They oogled over her too!

For dinner last night I made this one skillet mexican casserole

Tonight we are having Skinny Taste's Lobster Cobb Salad.  Can you tell I meal planned this weekend?  Finally starting to get my act together again after an insane May and June!

Last night I looked over and the three of them were all cuddled up, it was cute!  You can see Kevin's arm ha.  

Hope everyone has a good week!  I'm going to Utah for one day this week so that'll be exciting!


  1. MA has had quite the birthday celebrations! Loved those buckets you put together. So sorry about Mills! Poor buddy, hope surgery will be soon and recovery won't be too bad. Have a great Monday!

  2. Praying surgery goes well.

  3. Busy weekend! I hope Mills recovers quick. I, too,am vowing to get our lives back to routine a bit after a really loose few months. I love Summer but the lack of structure is kinda killing me!

  4. My dog just had the ACL surgery a few months ago. I feel so bad for these poor pups!

  5. Poor Mills! That is not fun. Jax woke up Friday with a hurt tail, thing it's limber tail, took him to the vets and they gave him anti-inflammatories. Last night he threw up 3 times! Really hoping it's the meds and nothing else. Going to see how today goes before taking him back to the vet.

  6. Poor Mills. That stinks and hard for you guys, with all you have going on!

  7. So many fun celebrations for sweet Molly Anne! Love that. I'm so sorry about Mills! Hope the poor guy gets to feeling better asap!

  8. That's sweet that Molly Anne had a party with her school friends! Hope things go well for Mills.

  9. Stop it with that mexican meal. YUMMMMMMM!!!! And I LOVE Skinnytaste recipes! The Chicken Sante Fe crock pot recipe is on heavy rotation here!