Friday, June 30, 2017

Five on Friday - Busy Week, Fridge and Cabinets

Friday!  I have literally been running around like a crazy person since we've been back from Florida on Tuesday night.  Been getting ready for her little party tomorrow and getting our house straight for some visitors that arrive later today.  Remind me to never have a birthday party at our house again.  It's crazy!  Plus I have zero time to get anything done with work etc.  ANYWAY!  It'll work out and yes she turns TWO on July 4th!!!  Crazzzzzzy!

My little friend has been off this week.  I'm sure it's because we were gone for four days but she has had trouble going to sleep (she was up until after 8 every night this week, playing in her crib), she has been a little fussy in the mornings as we drop her at Becky's and she just in general is off.  I mean laying down in the middle of her floor never happens.  But it was a super sweet moment!

We went to dinner at Cantina 1511 on Wednesday night for Mexican food and she was the greeter in her dress that's too big.  Isn't it cute though?  From Sugar Bit!

Yesterday we put our flags out as we do for Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day.  Would you all believe when I told Molly Anne that it was time to put our flags out and I asked her where they were, she led me outside and into Kevin's workshop and pointed to where they were?  She remembered from when we put them away after Memorial Day Weekend a month ago?  I was impressed.

Side note - any idea what Molly Anne is getting for her birthday from my parents?!  I got her prepped with a book ha!

This little boy has been soooo sweet.  He's extra fluffy and soft right now after getting groomed on Monday at Camp.  He's got his short, summer 'do!

At last!!!!  Last night we finalized our Fridge decision after 3 long weeks and a lot of chart comparisons.  We were between this and the GE Monogram and it boiled down to what we really wanted and what will be best for resale although I hope we never sell this house with the amount of work I've put into it!  

Yesterday I went to a cabinet manufacturer and spent 2 hours figuring out what our cabinets will look like.  This will be the design of the ones in our kitchen, master bath, guest bath down and butler's pantry.  We are doing a bit cheaper one for the other bathrooms, mudroom and theater room.  This won't be the color or hardware though.  I had to pick all of that out too.  And which drawers got paneled and which didn't. All kinds of stuff.  Very detailed!

Our kitchen cabinets will go to this height which is 105" and just under 9' plus crown molding so it'll be close to the top.  There will be about a 9" space between the crown molding on the wall and the crown on the cabinets.  We will have one solid cabinet all the way up - no glass or second cabinet up top so it won't really look like the below picture.  

Alright yall, I have a bunch of work I have to get done and a bunch of other things too.  Will be back to share Molly Anne's 2nd birthday at some point!

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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Molly Anne! Yay for. Bike, and I'm sure she will have a super fun birthday!