Thursday, June 1, 2017

House Updates - Pottery Barn Design Meeting

Did yall know that Pottery Barn offers free design services?  I've never really had a need to use it but I decided last week that if we were going to be getting some things there, it made sense to run my ideas by the professional!  We decided to keep some lights I had picked out and change a few things too.  Who knows what we will end up with in the end, but this is what we're leaning towards now.  It has kind of changed since this post.  We will likely keep the same exterior fixtures but changing some inside.

Here's what the PB pro and I decided on for the time being!

This chandelier for the dining room.  We need something pretty dressy because we have dressy furniture but wanted something more 2017.  This may be the perfect piece, we'll see.  I wouldn't have picked this out but I saw it in the store and think it's really pretty.

Thinking about this one for the butler's pantry and/or my getting ready area.

My favorite is this Bolten Indoor/Outdoor Lantern.  We wanted a lantern style for our foyer but didn't want the same thing everyone else does.  This is probably definitely happening.  I love the detail.  It will be seen from the dining room and goes okay with the chandelier in there.  

Remember how much I loved these glass pendants for above our island?  Well, sadly I returned them because I cannot keep glass clean all of the time and they're a spectacle in our main area.  Needed something more practical and Kevin and I both love the nautical style of these.  We will likely do three of the large ones above our 5x8 island.

Our breakfast area is a little weird because it has a 14'+ ceiling.  Part of the bylaws of the neighborhood require a 14' ceiling on the first floor and we didn't want a double foyer.  Anyway, it has actually turned out pretty cool.  We think we may go neutral and classic for this one and do this large linen drum.  

We are about 80% decided on those.  We have a lot of Pottery Barn gift cards from our Amex points so that's why we are thinking about getting these lights there.  We'll see how it turns out!  

A quick what's going on in the house update - plumbing is still happening and HVAC duct work has been installed (it's alllll over our 3rd floor!).  Electrical and audio video is next!  Then insulation and drywall!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

Loving those options. That chandelier for your foyer will be awesome!

Leslie said...

I love these! They are going to look so lovely in your home!

Kristen [Playground Prepster] said...

Love your choices!! We had a drum shade light over our breakfast area at our old house and I loved the crisp casual look! I love the butlers pantry light choice too! Sounds like the house is coming along great!!

MCW said...

I have that Bolten lantern. I bought it when I moved into my Baltimore house and it's perfect. Everyone compliments it all the time.

ginastorm said...

Just a head's up, you have to assemble all of those crystals for the light in your butler's pantry/getting ready area. I used to work at PB and believe me, it was a pain a to assemble!

rox said...

Love, love, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!