Thursday, June 15, 2017

House Updates - What's Happening

Honestly, the last three weeks, I have felt BOMBARDED by decisions on the house.  I'm so so so glad that I used my time wisely earlier this year during lunch breaks and went to visit numerous tile places and surf the web at nights to come up with what we wanted on cabinets and things like that.  It is paying off big time now because we have to make semi-quick decisions and I'm super busy at work and don't have time to do a lot of research right now.  

I'd like to say this right now - I am BUSY this week.  But, I'm staying focused and that's all I can do.  Here's what is going on with the house.  I won't mention the million things I have on my plate at work this moment! ;)  Mmmmkay!

1.  We HAVE to pick appliances this week, mainly because the cabinets must be built and they can't be built until we have measurements on cabinets.  The cabinets are the key to moving everything else along in the house.  And they take 4-6 weeks to make so we need to get those done.  On Tuesday I talked to US-Appliance on the phone for about 20 minutes and yesterday we met with a local guy about options.  Built in fridge or a regular one?!  $5,000 difference.  Can we justify?!

2.  We also have to pick the paint color of the cabinets this week.  Remember we were going to do White Dove on the cabinets and trim throughout the house?  Well one of the tile stores told me that with the white beveled backsplash we are doing, the white dove would make the cabinets look dirty.  Thanks to our Whimsy, she suggested Benjamin Moore Decorators White.  I went to the BM store yesterday with a white subway tile and it will be perfect so I think that decision is done!

3.  Exterior lights - we have to decide on these because the gas lanterns we are doing on the front of the house have an electronic ignition meaning we will be able to turn the gas on and off.  The electrician is at the house now doing his thing and he needs the specs on these.  We are splurging big time on these bad boys.  Here is what we are doing for these.  They are handmade copper gas lanterns.  GORGEOUS.  

4.  I met with the electrician on Monday morning for 2.5 hours picking out exactly where we want outlets, light switches, fans, chandeliers, can lights, LED lights, etc.   There was a good amount of thought that went into those decisions even though we got through the house pretty quickly.  I did think of several other things after I left that I went back on Tuesday to talk to the electrician about.  By the way, he has been wonderful.  I think we have definitely gone over budget on can lights...24 were in the budget but I love some can lights with dimmers yall!

5.  Audio video pre-wire is starting next week so we have to decide on where we will want TV's in our house.  Like every location.  Molly Anne isn't getting a TV for YEARS (if ever) but we still have to wire her room for it now.  

6.  Pool guy - meeting with him this afternoon.

7.  Last week we had to order our kitchen sink so the cabinets could be built around it.  It came in yesterday so the cabinet guy is picking that up.  Thankfully we decided on the sink awhile ago so that was easy.  

8.  Yesterday I met with the flooring guy.  We marked what floors get what floor covering on Tuesday so now we need pricing on the hardwoods and carpet.  He measured for that yesterday.  We know what hardwoods we want but I don't have a clue about carpet.  

9.  Next up we really need to figure out some countertops.  Hmmmmm.  I may need a couple weeks of recovery before we head down that road. 

Okay my mind is shot.  Taking it day by day.  Talk to yall soon!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

Just reading this stresses me out! I'm certain as much as I want to build a house I could never do it, too many decisions! I love those copper lanterns!! Agree about can lights, I love them. My parents have them all over their house on dimmers and its so nice. I hate having super high bright lights on especially at night and a dinner makes it so nice! You're on a roll this week even with the added stress of work! Can't wait to see what you pick for counter tops. I've been dying to change ours to a lighter white/gray but it'll never happen!

Tess said...

Ok, I'm with Emily above! I don't think Im cut out for building either. My parents are in the same phase as you and it's literally a non stop project/job. It will be worth it but its stressful and expensive in the interim! Hang in there girl

MHM1314 said...

The one thing I've heard about built in fridge? Ten years drom now, it's easier to replace a standard one once it fizzles out, versus having someone come in and install a new built in.

I'm with you on dimmers - ambiance is everything!!

Mindy said...

Girl, I am exhausted just reading this!!! But I know everything will turn out fabulous!! Let me know if you need any help!!!

Leslie said...

I love the idea of canned lights with dimmers, and your outdoor lights are going to be stunning! I hope things slow down at work for you soon!

rox said...

You DESERVE a break / vaca - STAT! Girl! I'm so impressed you're juggling all this PLUS a toddler PLUS a job! WERK! PS - I'm sure you know this, but ALWAYS get more outlets than you think. And more tv / internet outlets or hookups or whatever they are called. We have them in ALL of our rooms. Yes - I have a tv in my bathroom.