Monday, June 12, 2017

Maryland with my Parents

Whew, I'm back in action for this week.  Yesterday afternoon we got back to Charlotte around 2pm and by the time we got home from the airport and Teeter express lane, it was 3:15pm or so.  I quickly unloaded groceries while Kevin entertained Molly Anne (he beat us home -- he was at the beach with his buddies), got laundry in, our suitcase unpacked and dinner in.  By 6:45pm, we had all eaten dinner, laundry was finished, we had all had showers and hair done, and Molly Anne was asleep and I haven't heard a peep from her since.  I'm typing this about 9:30pm on Sunday night!  It feels good to start the week right!

Backing up..

Last Thursday morning we woke up at my parent's house in Maryland.  We were very lazy on Thursday and didn't even leave the house until dinner time!  This is what HOME HOME looks like!

My parents of course had gotten her this cool bubble machine among other new toys.  

Dad had Rotary that night so Mom, Molly Anne and I went to a cool spot for dinner.  They have the BEST cream of crab soup...loaded with Old Bay on top!

In front of the restaurant.  Molly Anne was just so happy!

We stopped by TCBY on the way home and this one loved eating it in my parent's driveway!  It was her first of three straight days of ice cream.  Life at Nannie and Poppa's!

Friday we didn't have much agenda other than the church playground in the morning and dinner with my parent's best friends that night.

They also had gotten her a water table to play with so we did that after nap on Friday and before dinner.

Neighbors all visited while we were outside!

We decorated their driveway!  

Watching the school bus go by!  She lovessss buses!

Saturday morning we had some special visitors.  Family friends!

Then we headed to Ocean City to walk around the Boardwalk and ride some rides!

The Merry Go Round was a huge highlight.  She rode it 3 times!

We ate Thrashers french fries and Dumser's ice cream!  Because that's what you do in Ocean City!

You also beat your parents at the water gun game and win your child a huge blue smurf!  #6 wins every time!

She loved that thing...thankfully it is living in Maryland, not North Carolina!

She played the duck game and won a pink stuffed fish!

Then we went to some of the bigger kid rides that she liked a lot better than the baby rides that I couldn't ride with her.  She had the time of her life.  I really don't think I've ever seen her so happy.  She rode the balloons first, the merry mixer scrambler second and the airplanes last!  The first two were her favorite.  She LOVEDDDDDD it!  

Look at the joy!

This happened on the way home!

Missy went to sleep early on Saturday night.  Dad went to Old Mill and got us carry out crabs and we had a feast in the kitchen.  It was so fun and too much food. 

We lounged yesterday morning then headed to the airport late morning.  It's always good to be home with my parents.  Seeing them with Molly Anne is one of my biggest joys and I don't take a minute for granted.  Even though we have 500 miles between us, we really try to make an effort for them to know her as much as if they lived in town.  They would do anything to live near us but it isn't happening right now.  

I was able to get a spare seat next to me on the way back to Charlotte thanks to a kind man.  It made life easier for everyone ha!

Back home with my bubba!  Kathryn took care of Mr. Mills while we were gone.  We didn't feel comfortable boarding him again with his wounds from two weeks ago.  His head is doing much better though so that's a positive.  By the way, Camp did reimburse us for the stay and for his vet bill....I know you all were dying to know that haha!

Monday here we go!  We have to decide on appliances this week so our cabinets can be built.  We also have to figure out paint color for the cabinets that won't clash (aka look dirty) with white backsplash.  I think we know what we are going with but does anyone have any suggestions?!


  1. Such a fun weekend!! Looks like MA had the best time on those rides!! I always love going home to see my parents but I do enjoy getting back and into our routine. Glad that you got reimbursed for Mills. I still can't believe that happened and that they didn't tell you!! Hope ya'll have a great week!

  2. You can tell how happy MA looks - as well as your parents!! My mom would always go
    All out with new toys before our visits's seriously the nicest, cutest gesture. Glad you guys had a productive Sunday so you don't feel under water today! Xo

  3. Your mention of Thrasher's, Dumser's and steamed crabs has me very, very homesick!

  4. Sherwin Williams 'White Dove' is the best white for cabinets!

  5. I am sure seeing MA with your parents is the best thing ever. It's so great how often you get back there! My nephews are now old enough to fly to my parents alone, maybe that's in MA's future???

  6. What an amazing time at your parents! It looks like everyone had an absolute blast! Time with grandparents is so precious, so I'm so glad you guys had a weekend together! And yay for being ready for Monday!

  7. So, so, SO random - but what games / apps do you have for MA on the iPad? I have some pretty decent ones for Conner (he LOVES puzzles and memory games), but I'm always looking for other new, good, educational / fun ones to keep him interested.