Monday, June 5, 2017

Redneck Waterpark

On Friday afternoon we were supposed to go to the pool with a friend but the pools at both neighborhoods were closed for swim team practice.  We ended up creating a little redneck waterpark in our backyard and it was fabulous!  Mills tried to drink the water and get in the pool the entire time.  He thinks that is his pool....well it was until Molly Anne was born so you can't blame him.

The daddys ended up coming over and we all ate pizza for dinner and hung out.  It was fun!  

Molly Anne thought it was her duty to feed Emme every goldfish.  

These two girlies are so sweet together.  Yesterday when we were at the pool, Molly Anne kept saying, "emmeeeeee!"  I guess she thought Emme should have been there since she was at the pool and that's where they play the most!  

After they left, we put Molly Anne to bed and hung out on the back patio.  Kevin built a fire and we just chilled. 

I don't have any pictures from Saturday except some yucky ones of Mills' head.  I ended up taking him to the vet for the scabs on his head.  YALL.  It was so bad.  I should have taken him earlier but I didn't know.  They had to shave the top of his head and there were so many puncture wounds from another dog biting him.  Also on his left cheek.  It is so awful.  We have been taking special care of him and I'm SO glad I took him.  Now to deal with Camp on it.  I'm not pleased that it happened OR that they didn't even know it happened.  Don't know which is worse.

We tried a new place for dinner on Saturday night called Sabor.  Mexican street food.  It was so good, highly recommend if you're in the Charlotte area.  There are several locations.  It is an easy place with children.

Sunday we went to church.  This one said she wasn't going to cry when she got to her class but she did.  In fact, we weren't even halfway down the hall and she lost her mind.  She stopped quickly once she got in her room.  Poor baby but I'm glad she recovered quickly.  She loves going and has fun but is always glad to see us when we pick her up.

The rest of the day we hung out, took naps then went to the pool.  It began thundering so we got right out and scooted back to the house.  Yall know how insane I am about schedule but I am a firm believer it's why my child sleeps.  Well, I gave her a shower (yes she loves taking showers instead of baths these days!) right when we got home about 4:30 instead of our usual 6:30 bath time and she still went to bed at 7 just as easy.  I think she's finally old enough to be a bit more flexible on that front.  I'm not going to make a habit of it but every now and then, it's nice to know we can do that.

We had an easy dinner - chicken, broccoli and sweet potato fries.  And we are ready for the week ahead.  I have a lot to do and I have a short week to do it.  Today is going to be insane.  Okay bye!


Tess said...

Good luck today! I hope Mills is feeling back to himself. I can't get over the pic of MA at church with her backpack. She looks like such a big girl!

MCW said...

I cannot believe that about Mills. How could they not notice a dog biting another to the point that he got scabs??? That's more then just playing.

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about Mills. That is just awful, but I'm so glad that you were able to take him to get looked at. Other than that it looks like such a fun weekend! SC hates being dropped off at the nursery too, so we kind of gave up for awhile and just had her sit with us, but we need to try again. I hope your week goes okay!

Margot said...

We had the BEST time playing Friday! Molly Anne is the sweetest friend. And I've heard good things about Sabor! Need to get there asap. Y'all have a good short week!

Lauren said...

OMG to Mills. I'd be kicking some serious camp ass. No sirree....