Thursday, June 22, 2017

House Update - Interior Doors

 File this under two things:

1. I had no idea we would be picking out interior doors.  Don't know why, but I didn't know we would have to select what the doors would look like.  Nor have I ever noticed what design is on the doors in our current house.

2.  My fastest decision yet. 

I ran it by my Mom and my friend Fran and they both agreed with what I was thinking.  Also, I know the trend right now is to paint the doors inside a different color than your trim but I think we are doing white doors and hoping that the trend doesn't stay around long!  Y'all know I'm not the trendiest person anyway. they are - Continental Smooth.

We have a few areas where we will have bi-fold doors. So these will match the ones above.  


Christi said...

Don't do bi-fold doors! Look at pocket doors or how to turn your bi-folds into French doors.

Maureen Callahan said...

French doors!!! yes!

MHM1314 said...

Agree on the bifolds if you can change your plan there - we have them on our laundry room and on our pantry and I LOATHE THEM. They stick, they come off the track, they're flimsy, they don't line up properly when closed. I hate them. French or pocket, if you can swing it!!!

(Also, I'm with you on painting them the same color as the trim... is that really a trend to not match the trim?! I'm not trendy then either!)