Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MA Moment and A Lilly State of Mind

It's 6:50am and I had to open my computer and share this little moment that just happened. I heard Molly Anne on the monitor, "Mommy, where are youuuuuu?"  I said back using the microphone thing through the monitor, "right hereeeeee!  Where are youuuuu?!"  She said, "I'm sleepin'!"  I said, "night night Molly Anne!"  And she said, "Night night Mommmmyyyyy!"

AHHHH this girl gets me every time.  I love being able to have little conversations with her now.  I keep saying it but this is my favorite age so far!  She has the best little spirit.  Cannot believe she is almost 2.  I'm working on a post for that!


Kevin and I have a beach trip coming up and I'm getting really excited!  We originally were going to take Molly Anne with us but she is going to be getting spoiled by her Nana and PapaG instead.  This will be our only "Kevin and I" trip this year given we have quite a few house expenses these days! ;)  So we're looking extra forward to it!

The Gala we are going to while we are there has a suggested dress of "elegantly casual!"  They call it this whenever we go to a beach location and it kind of cracks me up.  Elegantly casual + beach location = Lilly Pulitzer to me!

I want to go try these three on and I'll report back in if any of them worked!

Valli Shift Dress - this one will probably be too dressy but I love it for a wedding!

You can't go wrong with a good ole shift dress!


MCW said...

I think Lilly would be perfect. Just please, don't wear that weird upper arm bracelet in the 2nd pic. Ha.

Aja said...

I have the first and the third dress and love them both. I think the third is a but dressier though. I personally would wear the first to church or a luncheon but not a gala, even if it is beachy.

Leslie said...

The first one seems perfect! I love the second one too, but that is probably too dressy. MA is such a sweetie! This is my favorite stage too. It's just so fun to see their personalities emerging!