Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recipe - Southwest Salad

My friend Ashley texted me last week and said she had made a salad she thought we would like.  Ashley is a chef y'all.  I always tell her that her recipes are amazing and fancy.  Most are too fancy for me to make!  This one was so easy that I even made it for dinner after work and got it on the table in 10 minutes. I was able to do that because I prepped it all the night before. And that may have taken me 10 minutes.   So a healthy 20 minute meal?  Done.  

Here's what you need:
Rotisserie Chicken - take off the bone and chop into small pieces
Red onion - half of one and diced
Roma Tomatoes - 3 and diced 
Can of corn drained and rinsed
Can of black beans drained and rinsed 
(The above is what I prepped the night before and stored in Tupperware) 
Avocado diced
Green leaf lettuce chopped
Blue corn tortilla chips - I broke about 15 chips with my hands quickly 
Marie's Creamy Chipotle Ranch - I don't love chipotle stuff but this is good!

Mix it all in a bowl together with some salt and lime juice after you take out....

...some for your toddlers plate ;)

And serve!

It was so good.  Healthy and filling.  Even Kevin liked it which is a record with how picky he is!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

Yum!! I need a dinner idea and this is what I'll be making tonight!

Leslie said...

That looks amazing! I'm definitely pinning this and will have to make soon! It's the perfect summer meal. :)

Mindy said...

Is this Ashley from Bunco?! I need to get texts from her!!! She is an amazing cook and I miss her recipe ideas on IG!!! This looks really good!!!

Margot said...

Need to make this! Looks so delish and simple!