Friday, June 16, 2017

Five/Seven on Friday - MAisms, Easy Dinner, Flowers

I'm not organized in the least this week but here it goes.  

Standing on the back porch and looking into the den.  Been at the house a lot this week as you could tell by my post yesterday.

These Melissa and Doug numbers magnets have been entertaining Molly Anne A LOT this week.  Thank you Poppa for getting her started on numbers early!  Numbers > Letters  ;)

Last year she may have been too little to eat corn on the cob (actually ON the cob) but this year she loves it!  We are also enjoying the local restaurant Sabor - super easy with children and fast!

I go check on Molly Anne every night before I go to bed.  She has been a trip lately and perfectly places all of her animals before she lays down to close her eyes.  I watched her last night from the crack in her door talk to them all and put them side by side.  This picture is from the other night.  

She loves being covered up with this blanket these days.  It's so sweet. 

She loves wearing piggies and says, "PIGGIES!!!" after I do her hair!  She has such a fun personality these days.  She talks in sentences and makes a lot of sense most of the time.  And she doesn't forget a thing.  If she meets someone, I make her say, "hi miss so and so" and then 15 minutes later we leave Miss So and So and she says, "Bye Miss So and So!"  It's unreal.  #proudmama  

Becky texted me one day this week and said, "Molly Anne is the only child I've ever had who thanks me every time for changing her diaper!"  She has been saying that to Kevin and I for awhile now too.  It's so funny!  Manners manners manners!  I hope she always remains so innocent, grateful and sweet! ;)

I actually planted flowers yesterday.  Getting the backyard party ready one step at a time.  It won't be perfect but just trying to make it a bit better.  

SIX - 
Made a low country boil last night - so easy and one pot dish!  Big pot of water, a lot of old bay then cook in this order - potatoes & sausage in for 10 minutes, then add corn for 10 minutes and lastly cook shrimp until pink - only a couple minutes.  SO good.  

Miss independent had to read in her own chair last night.  She loves the big hungry caterpillar book these days!

Hope yall have a nice weekend.  We will be celebrating our Kevin this weekend!  You too, Poppa! ;)  Keep your eyes open for a Father's Day post!


  1. Seeing Molly Anne every morning is a highlight of my day. She always greets me so happily, such a good girl too!

  2. Awww! I love how polite she is. Have fun celebrating this weekend. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Love this sweet girl!! And those piggies at everything!

  4. That is amazing and so sweet that she thanks you for changing her diaper! Also, love the meal idea! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating all the dads in your life!

  5. Molly Anne is the cutest little thing! And I love all those manners! Oliver says please after everything these days. Up please, mama please, open please, it's so sweet! I really hope we're able to meet up in September!

  6. Molly Anne seems like the sweetest little girl. I just love good manners! You are doing a great job as her mother.

  7. So funny - I fixed low country boil for Father's Day! We had SO MUCH! So delicious, and so easy!

    Okay - MA is the sweetest thanking y'all for a diaper change!!!!!!!! Manners ARE so important!

    Conner lines up his stuffed animals and pacifiers, too. And blocks. And anything and everything, really. So funny.

    We still have the "My First" version of the PB chair....guess I need to order the next size...ha!