Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Weekend - Countertops too!

We had a busy but fun weekend!  Friday night we had happy hour over at my friend Regina's house and we got to swim!  Molly Anne lovesssss swimming and Regina's daughter Ava is so good with her.  Molly Anne couldn't stop talking Ava on Saturday too!

On our walk home, this police officer was just driving through the hood and he saw us and stopped suddenly.  I was like ummmmmm what did I do?!  We are just walking through the hood.  Well he got out and had a long thing of stickers.  It was super cute but Molly Anne was less than impressed with him!  Kevin and I had a field day with this picture though.  Definitely a moment for the baby book!  Her first run in with the law.  Thankfully it was just a Miller Lite in a koozie!

Friday night Kevin and I ordered Hawthorne's wings via Door Dash and hung out by the fire out back!  

Saturday morning we were up early so decided to head to a new to us breakfast at the Light Rail Restaurant.  Molly Anne loves to eat off my plate and this time was obsessed with the grits!

After breakfast we headed to two places to look at granite etc. for our countertops.  

This is a top contender for our kitchen.  

Below is what we are thinking for our master bath.  It's marble.  

Blogger isn't letting me put it above the picture but the above is a second option for our kitchen.

Saturday afternoon we had a 3rd birthday party for Gigi which I'll post about tomorrow then we zipped home to get Kevin and met Brad, Shauna and Sarah out for pizza at Inizio.  After Molly Anne was in bed, we did more house stuff.  Then I went to Target for a few things and then over to the new house to take tile samples.  

Sunday morning we just hung out, made breakfast for Kevin, he opened his cards and found a beverage cooler for the new house.  We attempted to put that together but my in laws ended up having to help us that night ha!  A favorite memory was Molly Anne giving Kevin his card.  She said, "Happy Fatter's Day, Daddy!"  It was PRECIOUS!

After nap, we played outside while waiting for our guests to arrive!

I love this picture that Kevin captured.  

Actually this one may be even better!  Sharing 101!

We grilled brats, dogs, burgers and veggies.  Served it with pasta and potato salad from Zoe's.  Easy!  We also steamed some shrimp that we brought back from McClellanville. Dessert was cupcakes from SAS Cupcakes in Blakeney.  We celebrated three fathers and two birthdays with our big family dinner!

Kevin and I ended up staying out back for awhile talking about everything we are going to miss about our current house and yard when we move.  He built a fire and then we stayed out there until after 10pm on a school night.  Yikes!  But it was fun to just hang out!

Back to reality today!


MCW said...

Mills in that pool with MA kills me. So funny!

Leslie said...

Those countertops are gorgeous! I can't wait to see your kitchen! I love the picture of MA in the pool; she looks as happy as a clam. Also, what a sweet police officer! It looks like everyone had a fun Father's Day weekend!

Unknown said...

Love the counters!! We did Quartzite in our kitchen and I am obsessed with them!

Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

love those countertops so much!! I want to change our dark kitchen countertops to something bright and light! What a fun fathers day! MA and Mills in the pool is the best!