Monday, June 26, 2017

A Typical Friday Night!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Today I decided it would be fun to record our typical Friday nights in the summer!  We almost always are out back playing!  I usually drag all of her toys out from the porch and let her go to town!

Water table...

She loves using her beach toys with her water table!

We take walks down the street in her little car.  We get the mail.  We water the flowers.  We race around the yard and talk to neighbors!

You know who has to be part of the party!

Loves swinging in the hammock!  One of her favorite things!  Here she is showing me her "helping hands!"

Evidently our Molly Anne loves the water A LOT!

The best dog/human ever.

After a good couple hours playing out back, we have two tired children!  Mills crashes and Molly Anne was asleep within 10 minutes!  

Tomorrow I have a fun little post of Molly Anne and on Wednesday I'll share about the rest of our weekend!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

she's just the cutest!! i love that she got in the water table! We have the same one and my boys love it!!

Leslie said...

We are all about the pool this summer too! It's so much fun to be outside!