Thursday, June 8, 2017

House Update - Pictures

Short and sweet post today.  I realized when I was at a house appointment the other day that I didn't have any updated pictures of the house with the windows in.  So here it is.  We aren't going to brick it until the very end so we can keep our carolina orange mud off the white brick.  It is literally impossible to get off so we want to take special care to be sure it stays clean!

As far as detailed update.  Plumbing and HVAC still happening.  Electrical will end up starting next Monday instead of this past.  Have to figure out appliances in the next week so the cabinets can start being built.  Met with the cabinet guy for the 3rd time yesterday.  Gotta get those kitchen cabinets perfect!


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Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

Wow!! It's really coming along. I love white brick and it'll look so good when y'all brick it in the end!