Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday - Week Recap

Mills had a rough time at camp last weekend and we are nursing his "little" head back to health.  He evidently played a bit too hard with another pooch and has some scabs on the top of his head.  Poor bubba.  Peroxide and neosporin to the rescue.  

We had so much fun with our perfect babydoll last weekend and it was such a treat to have 4 days in a row with her.  Tuesday morning before I left for work she wasn't too happy that I was leaving.  We had all gotten spoiled being together for so long.  Usually Molly Anne tells me bye every morning before I tell her bye but Tuesday that was not the case.  

I went to Utah yesterday for the day.  Left Charlotte early morning and returned after midnight last night.  Long day but always good to get out there and get some things on my projects done!  On the flight out, the flight attendant recognized me and I remembered her as well.  She took care of us on a flight a couple months ago when I sat with the Panthers coach from SLC to CLT.  Funny!  


On the flight out yesterday morning, I did some work and then ended up drawing cabinet plans.  It was actually really nice to have some quiet and get things that require concentration done.  I am really trying to think about every little detail on this house and make sure we are making good, long term decisions.  Kitchen cabinets need to be practical and useful so I sat down and planned out exactly what will go where.  


We have a super low key weekend this weekend which is necessary after a busy week this week and next.  Anyone have any fun plans?  We are hoping to do some house things and go to the pool at some point!

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Leslie said...

Your weekend plans sound pretty similar to ours! I hope it was a good one and that Mills is feeling better!