Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Molly Anne at the house!

Any time we drive past a construction site or see anything related to construction, Molly Anne shouts, "HOUUUUSE!"  I guess when she sees dirt she thinks of the house!  

This whole thing has been an interesting thing for a little girl.  We started planning this when she was 6 months old so she's mostly always heard about it.  I wanted her to still feel like the home where we live now was home.  So we call where we live now, "home" and the house we are building is called, "house."

Part of getting her used to the house has been taking her over there during all aspects of it.  It isn't the easiest thing to do because we have to watch her like a hawk and she rarely gets to walk around due to holes in the ground, splinters from wood, stairs, nails etc.  

Last Thursday I picked her up from Becky's and took her right over there because I knew none of the guys would be there and it is pretty cleaned up on the inside.  AKA nails aren't everywhere now.  Anyway, I asked her if she wanted to go and she said, "YES!!!"  She has loved going to check on it when I pick her up.  

Girlfriend loved it.  We went upstairs and I made a huge deal out of her room, her closet and her bathroom.  She checked it all out.  It was adorable.  I made the mistake of showing her her vanity and told her she'd likely be getting ready for prom there.  AH!  Here are some pictures...

I'm probably going to frame this picture for our house!  I love it!  She's like, "here it is!"

Checking out her room.

How many clothes can I get to fill up my closet?!

A peak into her bathroom!

Walking from her room into her jack/jill bath.

She kept saying, "bath tub!"

Plumbing.  We talked all about the pipes and wires! 

It was only a 20 minute thing but I think it was special for her.  I know it was special for me to have some time over there letting her look around without being there having to decide on something!  It's the little things like this that matter!

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  1. Such a sweet post, and you should totally frame some of these pictures!